Would you go to a DOG CAFE to adopt a dog?! I would! A GREAT IDEA.

I thought this idea was a great one… because dogs are not really themselves in a shelter environment.  So, being able to meet dogs in a homey cafe setting seems like a great idea!

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“The Dog Cafe,” a unique adoption center, has opened in Los Angeles. The business cleverly incorporates multiple aspects that revolve around rescued dogs that are common in a shelter, and applies them to a coffee café. The basic idea behind the business is to achieve a laid back interaction with dogs outside the confines of a shelter and bring out the best in the canines.

A California business is offering its guests the opportunity to interact with dogs in a café. Incidentally, a majority of the dogs present in The Dog Cafe are available for adoption. The patrons of the coffee house get to enjoy café-style beverages, while spending quality time cuddling up to the pooches, with an added benefit of taking home one.
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The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles prides itself as the first of its kind in the United States to provide the style of pet adoption that has already gained popularity with cats throughout the country and abroad, reportedUPI. The cafe opened its doors to West Coast dogs and is located off the Golden State’s Silver Lake Boulevard. The café’s owner, Sarah Wolfgang, shared the vision behind the idea.

Wolfgang revealed she wanted to offer a fun, relaxed atmosphere for patrons to interact with the cafe’s canines. She added that all the canines will be available for adoption. The website for The Dog Cafe reads as follows.

“The Dog Cafe offers a comfortable and fun space for humans and dogs to hang out with each other, away from overcrowded shelters, which can provoke fear and aggression in perfectly adoptable pups.”

While shelters are where rescued dogs often end up, it is not always the ideal location to go looking for a canine companion. Shelters are more often than not a very chaotic place, an aspect which doesn’t necessarily bring out the best behavior in a dog. The commotion inside a rescue shelter can agitate or scare a dog. Many times, even an otherwise docile pooch can get aggressive and display a dark side, which can easily put off prospective adopters from considering the dog. Just like humans, dogs also love a peaceful environment, which shelters certainly can’t guarantee. Quite a few shelters harbor multiple animals, which can further aggravate the situations for dogs who may get excited and become boisterous.

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How does The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles operate? The Dog Cafe is the first of its kind in the U.S., but the concept has enjoyed immense success abroad. The concept is fairly simple, and starts with a registration on the website of the cafe. The cafe’s owner is working with animal shelters in Southern Los Angeles and other local organizations to vet the stray pups to make sure that they’re comfortable in large groups, reportsNew York Daily News.

These dogs are then brought into the cafe on a rotational basis. But, before that, all the dogs that are up for adoption, are featured on the website. The website also offers a brief description of their personality and their backstory. The Dog Cafe only offers rescued dogs, but they are all spayed and neutered. The only exception to the rule is Sharkie, the cafe’s mascot and pet of the founder.

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Interested adopters must register on the website with a $10 registration fee and sign a liability form. The amount will get you a beverage of your choice and a 55-minute visit with the dogs.

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Ironically, The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles doesn’t permit patrons to bring their own dogs in due to lack of city approval; however, interested parties can request the staff to arrange a meeting outside the premises to see if their current pets can make a new canine friend.

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Grand Opening!

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Items to purchase…

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The little white dog kills me!

The little white dog kills me!


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