WILD HORSE WILD RIDE: Watch the Trailer, Go See the Movie!

Have you seen this trailer?

It is for the movie, WILD HORSE WILD RIDE.

I saw the trailer…

And now I can’t wait to see the movie!

It is coming to my area for one night only on September 28th.

I’ll be there.  For sure.

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I prepared myself to watch the trailer thinking I was going to see another power struggle or dominance thing happening.

But, I didn’t.

I saw partnership and respect.

Ahhhhh.  Nice.

I saw scared and really wild horses … coming to conclusions that the humans weren’t bad – in fact, they were pretty great.  Great enough to make these wild creature bond and give.

You should watch the trailer… (click link)

Partnership:  The line here was, “Trust me… I trust you…”


They have 100 days to create a partner.  Click to watch the trailer



The movie was shot during the prep and training phase of  the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge.

100 people had 100 days to bring these mustangs to the huge culmination show and national adoption.

The idea was to create adoptable citizens of these already rounded up and languishing mustangs who were sitting – unadoptable – in holding pens.

The cameras follow a few of the trainers – warts and all – throughout the 100 days – up to the show and eventual adoption…

The horses were wild, rounded up and languishing in holding pens.  The goal was to try to help them become adoptable.


One of the featured horses.



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Being a producer (HORSE AND MAN started as a TV series…), I see this film through my lens.

And, I gotta say, if the structure of the trailer is anything like the movie, it is right up my alley.

I loved how they strung the real person voiceovers to narrate the story.

I loved how they highlighted those special moments that only a horse lover would recognize.

I love how they were willing to show the fear, struggle and defeat that also comes with this kind of undertaking.

And, I liked how they shot it.  Not fancy, expensive production value, but accurate and pretty.

I’m happily envious and wish to support them in their endeavor to showcase the mustangs and their people.

This movie is exactly the kind of project HORSE AND MAN would want to produce.

There is a horse and a man in the upper left cliff area – ready to descend!


The bond.


Here is the website and here is the link where you can search your city.

I think you could also email them and ask them how to have a viewing in your location…

Click to see where it is playing.

100 days ago, this horse was totally wild.



I found this article about the making of the movie.

It tells a bit more about a few of the trainers and the filmmakers.

You can read it all here.

Click image to read the full article!


WILD HORSE WILD RIDE, I wish you huge success!  I cannot wait to see the movie and I will report on it!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. peg

    I found it on NetFlix,so whenever it comes out on DVD I’ll get to see it.. Thanks for the heads up Dawn.

  2. KD

    My friends and I got to see this movie as part of a local Arts Festival event here in Jacksonville, FL. Art, wine and a movie…. what could be better? The movie was AWESOME! It was a beautiful treat to the eyes as well as a window into the worlds of these trainers and their unique horses. We found ourselves rooting for our favorites. Ms. Dawson had a short question and answer session after the showing and she was very engaging. We’re trying to get it back to our city for a broader showing and I personally am looking forward to when they release a video. ~ KD

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