What a fun, great value, natural, homemade gift for horsey people! Silver Meadow Soap!

When I was at the Draft Horse Classic yesterday, I wandered into a booth that had horse shaped, natural (good for your skin) soap.  Silver Meadow Soap.

As I was poking around the booth, the lady inside was happily sitting there, glowing.  Her skin looked fresh and she literally – glowed.

She seemed so happy that I asked her how long she had been making this beautifully shaped soap.  And I commented that she must be very happy doing it!

And she told me her story…

Click to go to website.

Simple, natural, horse shaped soap!  Click to go to website.


She told me how she felt a bit lost in her life… and while she was bemoaning her predicament, her husband became allergic to most soaps.  So, she forgot about her own life and decided to dive in and so the research on soaps for her husband’s health…  Eventually, she decided to try her lot at making healthy soaps for him.

Hubby loved her soaps… her friends, family and neighbors loved her soap… so she decided to make a few bars to sell at a local horse show.  Also, she quietly wanted an excuse to hang out at horses shows because she loved horses.

Well… her wares were a huge success!

So, she made all of her soaps in horse-shaped bars and a new business was born!

Silver Meadow Soap.

And now, this very new vendor is selling exclusively at horse shows in CA.  I asked about her schedule and she said she is gone almost every weekend and loves what she is doing – making soap and talking to horse people while surrounded by horses!

Click to go to the website!

Click to go to the website!


I wanted to tell you all about these handmade soaps because they were very fragrant, reasonably priced  and lovely to use.  I chose the ‘Mist’ scent (citrus).  To be honest, I could have taken home all the scents but she had run out of my favorites in the shapes I wanted.  My nose would describe the scents as ‘floral lavender’, ‘easy citrus’, ‘citrus spice’, and ‘patchouli’.  There may have been more, but I got there so late on Sunday, she was mostly sold out.

Since she is still a new vendor, it would be great to support her, if you liked her goods!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.23.13 PM

A great hostess gift or any kind of gift!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.22.49 PM

Great idea for any of those jobs that leave your hands smelling not so fresh…

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.23.55 PM


This is what I like…   I love thinking about slathering myself in all this good stuff!


CONTACT!  (no affiliation)

I bought a bar and helped myself to a few samples!  To me, this is a great gift – and inexpensive enough that you don’t feel guilty buying for yourself!

This gal is local to Northern CA and very new.  Don’t you love finding new artists?!

Here is her website:  Silver Meadow Soap.

Here is her FB page link.

Click image to go to FB page.

Click image to go to FB page.



Last week to help the JOSEPHINE 5!  Read their story here!

Click image to read the story of the Josephine 5!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I preferred MIST – it is citrusy and fresh. She actually has more scents than she describes on her website.
    If you email her, tell her I said there was a spice citrus, lavender and Patchouli that she didn’t list on her website.

  2. Laurie

    Wow… Just love this!
    I sure am going to order these for gifts!
    She had me at the “FIRST LOVE” soap.
    I have one question though…..since you were there and had the opportunity to smell the two different smells.
    Give me your take on how they smelled.
    I can’t decide and need a second opinion since you were there and I trust your words.
    Thanks Dawn for sharing this with the people that follow you and love your deep compassion for our “FIRST LOVE”

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