Updates and Videos! Amazing Grace, Blair, Junkyard 4, Trigger and Zenyatta!

Y’know,  (bowing my head in a soft prayer…)  I felt a bit odd writing about fluff when so much is happening in Japan.

But, then I thought that people need a dose of relief and cheer during difficult times.  So, today’s blog is a bit of cheery updates and warm-hearted videos.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope it helps the energy of the planet.



Remember skinny Grace who was below a 1 on the Henneke scale?  She was a previous Bucket Fund Horse.


Amazing Grace, before. Less than a 1 on the Henneke.

Well,  under the excellent care of Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, Grace has fully bloomed into the wonderful mare she is today – tipping that Henneke scale at a 7!  Wahoo!  Way to go, SMM and Grace!  A very good feeling!

Grace not wanting her picture taken!

Pretty Girl!

I'm outta here!



I just wrote about Blair, the mare who was riding in a trailer when the bottom fell out – literally.  She was dragged for quite a while and suffered very painful injuries.  (Here is the link to her story.)  Luckily, Blair survived and delivered her wonderful colt.

I was amazed when the owners of Blair wrote to me yesterday!  I was so excited to hear from one of the women who helped save and nurture Blair back to health.  Here is what she had to say in her email which also had a new photo of Blair attached!

Hi thank you for Blair’s story on your blog.  (It really does get folks to check those trailers.)  Blair is doing great and loving life here with us at RVHR.

Just a FYI, the past owner was moving her because Animal Control was about to charge him with neglect.  So he was trying to move her to a friends in another county so he didn’t lose her.

Blair is such an amazing lady.  When I got to the scene (of the accident), she had already tried to kill a few AC officers.  I went on back with her bleeding and scared – spent some bonding time (about ½ hour) and we walked on out and into our trailer that was waiting for her.  She has been moved now once or twice a year for turn-out.  In the Summertime we call itHorsey vacation and to this day she has no hesitation about getting into a trailer.

The previous owner wasn’t charged with neglect because he was arrested on the spot for driving on a revoked license for drinking and driving.  We have no idea where she was bred; only that she was on a farm in 4 counties over from where we picked her up.

I will see what I can do to get the adopter to send us some recent photo’s of Ripley (her colt).

This is Blair now! Fat and Happy!



Well, here is a photo of the pregnant mini-mare, Glory, who is very skinny but doing much better.  She was clipped because of her filthy coat and the temperatures/dampness in Florida.  Anyway, you can see how skinny she is by her backbone.  However, having Tucker weaned has really helped little Glory add some weight.  And, the longer she holds onto her baby, the better.

Selfishly, I hope she foals during our Bucket Fund month.  But, if she doesn’t, it is better for her.  So, I’m OK with that…

Skinny and pregnant, mini-mare Glory


Can you believe this photo of Little Red and Tiny Tucker?!  They are definitely not out of the woods because their blood counts are not good.  But OBVIOUSLY they feel a bit better because they ran for about 100 yards yesterday!  Wahoo!  Yippee!  I will be thrilled if these boys are in the clear by the end or our month.

Remember, BHFER, has spent many hundreds of dollars on these Junkyard horses.  So, if you have the opportunity, please donate to our Bucket Fund here.  (Thank you!)

Can you believe it?! Red chasing Tucker! It only lasted a minute but it was glorious!



Sometimes videos are a great way to put a smile on your face!  I’ve picked two for today.  One I found on FB and the other was sent to me.   I hope you enjoy!

1)  Trigger and Bob Hope.  PLEEEEEASE watch this until the end.  It is very cute!

Trigger and Bob Hope! Very cute! Click image to watch!



2)  Zenyatta!  This is a video from the jockey helmet during Zenyatta’s last workout.  Touching.

Zenyatta's last workout. Click image to watch!


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March Drop in the Bucket Fund:  THE JUNKYARD 4.
These 4 sad horses were found in miserable condition, 2 pregnant, all starved – yet owned by a hay broker!  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate towards the care of The Junkyard 4, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

Please help skinny, pregnant Glory!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Barbara

    Zenyatta is confirmed in foal to Bernardini! Can’t wait to see the baby. Grace is beautiful, such a personality. Fingers crossed for Glory. I’m watching the mare stare when I can.

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