Hello, my name is Dawn and I have an addiction…  (don’t worry, it isn’t bad)

OK, ready?…

(shrugging a bit)     I follow a few talking animals on Facebook.


Not only do I follow talking animals on FaceBook, I ENABLE my talking donkey, Norma Jean.

Yikes.  Please don’t think less of me.

And I don’t need an intervention.

But, I would like to talk about this, this… umm… ‘phenomenon’ with you because it is bigger than you think.


And so it began... Baby Petey Pants


There are many animal voices on Facebook.   I’m drawn to the wisecracking or silly equine personas.  It’s kinda like starting your day with a wink and a smile from one of your coworkers.  It helps, for sure.

Previously, I posted an interview we did with HENRY THE MULE.  He has so many followers on Facebook that FB won’t count them up anymore…

I’ve mentioned CUPCAKE THE HERDMASTER who is not only a personality but also an ambassador for the Rescue that saved him.  And of course, my own Norma Jean Thedonkey.

There is a ghost written animal author for just about everyone…


Petey's Facebook header (click image)


OK, let me spin this for you because I’m sure many of you are shaking your heads and wondering how in the world anyone could spend any time reading the quips of Facebook talking animals.

Well, here’s the thing… FB lets the true author hide behind a tiny photo and a huge Internet.  There, sitting comfortably under the umbrella of Zuckerville, anyone can let their creative juices flow and transmit their inner jester for the world to embrace.  Anytime.

You don’t have to buy a ticket.  You don’t have to clap or respond or get out of your slippers.  You can just enjoy – free of everything.  No cost, no effort, no nuthin’.

And, some of these writers are really, really good.  When you think about it, you all know a really funny person.  They may not be famous but you always want them at your party.  In fact, you hang around them or seek them out because you know you will be entertained.

That’s the essence of it.  Reading your daily animal personality quip is like throwing a smelt to a sea lion.  Just as the sea lion feels rewarded by the free fish, so do you.  And eventually, you seek your daily dose of tasty one-liners

And recently, Petey Pants has been my little smelt treat.


Just begging for a caption, right?!



I’d like you to meet Petey Pants.

Petey Pant’s voice is very unusual – literally.  He talks funny.

Whereas most of the animal voices that I find interesting say funny things, this mini speaks funny – AND says funny things.

Because of this (and the clever human behind him), Petey is the up and comer, growing in popularity.  He’s an All American young horse.  He shows and hangs out with his barnmates.  He does everyday normal horsey stuff.  But, his appeal is that he speaks like his Human believes a teenager baby horse would speak.  And he is right-on most of the time.  Petey cracks me up because he says things that I’ve just heard my kids say…

As far as his speaking style, I like to think that Petey Pants speaks like his owner speaks to him…  I’m guessing that if you walked through Petey’s barn wearing an invisible cloak, you’d hear his Human babytalking in the exact same voice that Petey uses to write his Facebook posts.

Dunno.  That’s just what I think…  <wink>

Without further ado, here is Horse and Man’s exclusive interview with Petey Pants!

Petey Pants has his own calendar... He 'peteygraphs' it if you'd like...



First off, Petey, is this your first interview?

Yes, it is! :)


1)  How do you find the time everyday to write your FB posts?!

As bizzy a guy I is, I always make time fer mai fans! :)


2)  What motivates you to write everyday?

Everyone seems to enjoy the pichers and statuses I post, and I love to make peeples happy. :)


My Petey Pants calendar which was specially 'Peteygraphed' in June - my birthday month!


3)  Some fans describe you as adorable or adorbs.  Do you agree?

Well, I suppose I issss pretty adorable. But adorbs kinda sounds liek a dizeez you get frum a fish, so I’s not shure if I shuld agree wif that until I find out whut kind of fishes it comes frum and stuff.


4)  I notice that you have your own Peteyspeak.  Did you learn that yourself or did someone teach you?

I dunno, I just talk, and that is how the wurds come out!


5)  Have you considered writing a book?

Yes, I has had lots of peeps ask me to, and it is definitely in my plans for the future. 

I love this pic!


6)  Are you influenced by any popular Icons?

Teddy O’ Connor definitely inspires me…with all his shortness and stuff, but his big jumpyness…yeah, he was reely kool. As far as racehorses go, I am a big Zenyatta fan (Secretariat and Ruffian are some of mai favorites from back in the day), plus my amazing coach, Steve The Sheep. I am coming to be a big fan of Hansen too, I tink he’s going to be great…I may be a lil bit biased considering he is a grey 2yo just liek me. ^-^


7)  What do you prefer?  Mini-horse?  Tiny horse?  LIttle horse?  Height challenged horse?  Ponyish?  Horseini?

Any of those are fine, but how about “reely bigly Petey dood”?

One of Petey's recent posts...


8)  Who is your best buddy?

I liek to makes lots and lots of frends wherever I go, but mai leetle frend Ellie is always there fer me…we liek to do stuff together. We are going to build forts out of sky ice creem and has a snowball fite today!


9)  I notice you have very compelling photos of yourself for your FB page.  Do you have your own publicity person/manager?

I do a lot of it maiself, but it’s very much wurk, so I hired mai mom as mai manager persun. She halps wif a lot of the publicity stuff, and many of the pichers of me that I could not take maiself. I told her to stay off mai Facebook mostly though, cuz I liek to talk to and reed stuff frum mai fans maiself.


So elegant in his show wear...

10)  You list that you are a ‘Doctor’ and a ‘Model’.  That is very diverse!  Are you like a Doctor Kildaire – very smart and devastatingly handsome?  Or do you mean that you are a doctorate and that looks good in a festive blanket?  Can you elaborate?

Well, those are all very big wurds you have used rite there, but whut I can say is that I is both a very thmartly dokter guy and a very handsumly dokter guy, and I halp doods that is being sick and then I ware clothes to take pichers of fer the selling of the thing I is wearing! :D


The important parts of showing...


11)  What do you like best about your home?

I liek that we can come and go in our sheds as we pleez, and we can run around in the paddock, and we can play and stuff wifout having to stay in our stalls when we don’t wanna. It’s nice to has lots of frends to play wif and room to run around. Plus all the noms we get to eet and stuff liek that.


12)  During these trying economic times, have you ever considered selling your human?

Hm…you has maked a goodly point…but she does bring me noms to nom on and stuff…….


Dressing up


13)  Do you like your farrier and vet?  If not, how could humans improve the experience for you?

Mai vet persun is a very goodly dokter, and sumtimes I halp them and we do dokter stuff together. Toenail fairy on the udder hand…he is not a good dood. As fer improving mai ekspeeryunce…can I sell toenail fairy to halp wif the trying ecomanomic times insted?


14)  Have you ever met the FB phenomenon, Henry the Mule?  Are you aware that he is not a horse?

I have nevar meeted him in persun (though we do live very neer eachudder), but I almost did this yeer! He was going to be at a show that I was doing showlyness at, but I didn’t see him there. But maybe next yeer we will meet at a different show! :) As for his horsey status…I didn’t reely know whut he is, I just thinked he was a Henry…or a Themule. :D


Petey's current FB photo... as he models for the blanket company

15)  Has anyone ever stolen your heart?

Well, I need mai hart, cuz it gives me bludd and stuff, and if someone steeled it I wuldn’t be doing so goodly after that and I wuld has to find the Wizard of Oz to get a new one.



Thank YOU! The pleasure was mine too, we can share it.

From Petey's FB 'info' page



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Delrene Sims

    Petey Pants….. You are incorrigible and that is why I love you!

  2. Elaina Hairston Lanfer

    Great interview! I don’t know how I found Petey Pants earlier this year, but he has made me laugh my way through 2011 & into 2012! Hooked on Petey!

  3. Sandy Gomez

    Thank you for this interview.Petey brightens my everyday. He is my light! Seriously..when I’m down or depressed, he makes me smile, sometimes laugh hysterically! I love Petey <3

  4. Carol

    You forgot Zelda the Zorse!! The. sharp tongue opinionated ginger snap eating half zebra half mule! Love that zorsey girl!

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