The old grey horse… NOT! Meet Ararat – 29 Years old and was amazing!

UPDATE:  I cannot believe this… but Ararat just passed a few days ago.  Oh NO!  Please read in honor of this amazing equine.

The old grey horse… NOT!    Meet Ararat – 29 Years old and was amazing!

I’ve really never had much experience with elder large animals…  not people and not horses.  My father (and his entire family) passed away at young ages and my mother’s side lives long and heartily until they depart quickly.

So, I’ve never taken care of an older, large animal… until Mama Tess.

Over the years, MT has taught me so much about the heart and soul of a wise and saged equine.  Yes, caring for a less than healthy, older horse has some very trying times.  But, most days are typical old person days…   MT moves around carefully and slowly, entertaining herself while visiting her friends and enjoying eating in peace.  She nickers and smiles most days.  On some days, she expresses her discomfort and asks for special attention.

To me, the difference between an older dog/cat (that most people care for until the very end) and an older equine (who is not generally granted old age..) comes down to their size, unfortunately.   Older horse management can be complicated and expensive.  To help us justify and live with the decision, the lives of many older horses become ‘suffering’ instead of just ‘old’.

I get it.  I totally understand…

Keeping up an older equine is a difficult decision.  I feel sad about this, however, because having an older horse around is an incredible life experience.  But, I also know that it is a privilege.

This is why I am bringing to you a wonderful article of an amazing and healthy, elderly Arab stallion.  I absolutely admire those who have put in the time and learned how to do the very best for their older horses.  And, although I know it is not possible for everyone, I tip my hat to the keepers of the elders.  Bless you for all you do to keep your beloved (and large) horses healthy – until their natural end.


UPDATE:  I cannot believe this… but Ararat just passed a few days ago.  Oh NO!  Please read in honor of this amazing equine.

*Here is a passage from Jen Miller of HORSEFLY FILMS who visited with Ararat just two weeks ago:

Oh gosh. We all loved Ararat. Everyone. Not just because of all the incredible horses he has sired in the breed such as his champion son Emigrant, or his ethereal deer-like daughter Preria– but mostly because he was this sweet, noble fixture at Janow Podlaski. He was always ready for any attention– when you entered the stallion barn he would be there head up, looking at you so softly with those giant black eyes. Literally pulling you in. This last visit 2 weeks ago he was really looking old but when you entered his stall he just was such a love. With everyone. There must have been ten hands on him at once and he just loved it all. I remember so clearly when we were filming in the barn once with his next door stallmate the great stallion Piaff, all the attention was on Piaff and we were getting some amazing iconic shots of him with the Polish flag that are some of our favorites from Path to Glory– and Ararat is just watching all of this go on and I’m leaning by his stall door and he starts nickering quietly, reminding us that he’s there and why aren’t we filming him. I just stood there petting that velvet nose and told him that yes, we all know he’s really the man…Just sweet beyond measure. So quiet and so large at the same time– some horses have to show off or scream or bowl you over in some way,  whether it’s with their beauty or athleticism or charisma or whatever. But Ararat was just hugely compelling in his softness. He drew you in, mesmerizing. I will miss him so.

Here is the link to the original story.

Click image to go to the original article

Click image to go to the original article

Ararat (Palas x Arra/Bandos) – 29 years old!

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  1. Candice

    What a gorgeous horse and I lost my one horse just shy of his 30th birthday and my other 30 yr. old just competed in the Special Olympics 2015 World Games and won two silver medals, two bronze medals and two ribbons for riders from Kazakhstan and Uruguay. Old horses rule!! I had a Polish Arab and he was fantastic and he passed away at 29.

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