THE MULES OF CCC VACATIONING IN REDDING, CA: A gift of the McConnell Foundation. Hmmm. Maybe we should let them know how wonderful they are…

A reader sent an interesting article about how the pack horses and mules used by the California Conservation Corp (they build and maintain hiking trails in CA – and do other work where trucks and motorized equipment aren’t allowed) vacation during the winter months in Redding, CA.

In the article, it tells of how the mules work really hard, hauling supplies daily into the rugged California backcountry.


And then the article goes on to talk about WHERE the mules were vacationing…

They get to vacation on 400 acres owned by The McConnell Foundation – for free!




I decided to learn about the McConnell Foundation since it isn’t often that a person or company would be so giving with their property to let 40+ mules hang out on a beautiful piece of land for 7 months.


Unsung heroes.

They do a lot for many people.

However, the website doesn’t even mention all the good they do for animals on the site – unless you dig deeply.

So, having dug deeply,  I was inspired to post their contact information so that anyone who was moved to let them know what wonderful people they are  for offering a lovely recuperation pasture for these mule worker-bees during the winter, could.

I want to encourage the silent good deeds – reward the quiet gestures of benevolence (as well as all those that give to needy equines, of course).

I will give more information below.  But first, their contact info:

McConnell Foundation:

–Email is via a form on this link

–Phone:  530-226-6200

–Mailing address:

800 Shasta View Drive
Redding, CA 96003


I don’t yet have permission to reprint the story, so here is the header with a link embedded so you can click on it and go to the site.

Click to read the article


The gist of the story is that Shasta-Trinity National Forest’s string of horses and pack mules were finally released into a (free to them) 400 acre winter pasture last week after 5 months of hard work, bringing supplies into the back country for CCC workers.  There was a little ceremony and a brief party.  Then the equines cut loose with typical “I’m FREE” Behavior!

It made the local paper.

Here is a brief clip from the article:

For the second year in a row, the Forest Service is wintering the stock on pasture owned by the McConnell Foundation of Redding. The foundation lets the agency use the property without charging a fee.

McFadin and the Forest Service make a ceremony of releasing the mules, inviting officials from the California Conservation Corps, the Backcountry Horsemen of California, Shasta Trinity Unit, the McConnell Foundation and the media.

McFadin gave a speech and presented certificates of appreciation to the foundation, Backcountry Horsemen and the CCC. The Forest Service set up canopies to shelter guests from the rain and served fresh hot coffee and Dutch oven fruit cobbler.

The animals stay in Redding from November to May. During the rest of the year, the animals’ main job is to haul in supplies for CCC crews who spend five months in the backcountry areas such as the Trinity Alps and Yolla Bolla wildernesses. The crews build and maintain hiking trails and do other work where trucks and motorized equipment aren’t allowed, McFadin said.



So, who does this?

Who is generous enough to give 400 acres to a bunch of mules for the Winter and Spring?

The McConnell Foundation, that’s who.

But, who are they?

Evidently, in short, the McConnells were a couple who made a vast fortune here in Redding, CA.  They had no children.  They liked animals and nature – and people and their community.  They set up a Foundation which – like all of their other business ventures – did very well.

Here is a link the The McConnell Foundation website.

Here is a story about the founders:

click to go to website  (OK, yes, there is a dead deer head over the mantle… )




I got to thinking…

Yes, one can find a bunch of do-gooding for the humans by the McConnell Foundation…

…but… clearly… there is some do-gooding for the animals, as well!

So, I thought maybe it would be nice to send them a note, or call or email, to let them know that they cannot do such wonderful things under the radar – sometimes people find out and thank them.  ;)

Thank you, Carl and Leah McConnell Foundation, for caring about the equines.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. karin buckham

    Want to thank you, Carl & Leah McConnell Foundation, from the bottom of my heart, for caring for these hard-working equines.


    karin buckham

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