The Horses at the Hearst Ranch… WR Hearst, Morabs and Arabs!

I was at work today and it was slow, so I read through the entire HEARST RANCH coffee table book.

I took some photos of particular pages that spoke of WR Hearst’s love of the Arab breed, the Morgan breed (Yay!) and his combination of them both to create the Morab Registry.

First, though, here are the private horses who reside at the Hearst private residences in San Simeon, CA.  I park my car right next to where they are fed, so I see them whenever I am at work.  These guys look like quarter horses.  They are very well maintained, always looks groomed and they have proper fly masks and hoof care.  However, they are shy, so getting photos wasn’t easy.  I crouched next to the alfalfa bale, which made me more interesting.

I don’t know who owns these horses… but they live on private Hearst property.  And, their paddock is inclusive of the original little San Simeon schoolhouse – plus a zillion lovely acres of California coastline.  I so wish I could ride my horses on these premises.

I found this image on the internet… a good angle. The horses live in the same field as this original schoolhouse, which is below the castle. The Hearst children and the children of workers all attended this school.  WR Hearst would ride his horses from the castle to the beach (here) and back – and he rode all over his property all the time. he was known as a horseman.
I work across the street from all of this on the ocean bluff.


These are two of the Hearst horses. Not the cowboy string horses who take care of the cattle… these are personal Hearst horses. They are very well maintained. Look at their awesome, huge pasture! From as far as you can see, that is Hearst property.

I park my car right by their feeding area. There is always a bale of alfalfa sitting here. Note the enormous eucalyptus tree… they are everywhere. Of course, Hearst donated the castle (arrow) to the state of CA as a park. But the rest of the land is for cattle and riding. If only I could figure out a way to ride on this private land… LOOK at it! Rolling hills, pristine and right on the coast.




I need to research more about this… but WR Hearst loved Morgans and rode them on the ranch.  He also had a great appreciation for the Arab breed and scoured their continent to bring back the best specimens to the US.  He then bred them and created the Morab registry!

Here is the book that we have at work… and I’ve read it cover to cover!

This is the coffee table book that I’ve read.

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