The guy who trained the Clydes in the Super Bowl Budweiser Commercial!: Tommie Turvey!


Many of you are preparing to watch the Super Bowl…

I’m preparing to watch the Super Bowl commercials.

Well,  as some of you know, that’s what I do… I am a commercial producer – so I cannot help myself.

But sadly – in my opinion – previously the spots were held as ‘top secret’ until their unveiling during the game – but this year,  most of the Super Bowl commercials have been leaked.

Personally, I wish they would keep them a surprise but I understand how important it is for marketing to let the cat out of the bag – as it were…

How about you?  Have you already seen the Budweiser commercial linked here?  Last time I checked, there were almost 3 million views…

If you have seen the spot, then you will know exactly how this photo came to be…  This is Tommie Turvey, trainer, and one of the stars of the commercial.

This is an AWESOME photo from the commercial shoot!

This is an AWESOME photo from the commercial shoot!  Tommie getting his hugs

Another amazing thing about this photo is that it was taken on Wilshire Boulevard.  It looks to be a very familiar AND VERY BUSY intersection – right in Westwood.  I know this because I went to UCLA which is in Westwood.

Very cool.

i cannot even imagine stopping traffic at this intersection for any length of time.  Clearly, Budweiser isn’t fooling around!  So very impressive!


Enter Tommie Turvey.

I had written about him previously but didn’t know that he trained the Clydes.


Here is his FB page where he has several ‘behind the scenes’ photos of the shoot. You should check it out!

On set with his horses...

On set with his horses…

Of course, I was looking for training tips and insider information about the horses involved… but no such luck.

However, I saw on his website (called Equine Extremist) that he has workshops and clinics at his beautiful Florida ranch.

His place was built as a TB farm so you know it is gorgeous!

The horses all gussied up!

The horses all gussied up!

Click banner to go to his website.

Click banner to go to his website.

On his website, he says that Clydes are easy to train...

On his website, he says that Clydes are easy to train…



These two photos did it for me…

If his horse lets him do this, well, I’m gonna watch!


I found these shots in his FB page and I immediately cut and pasted them here.  I now need to go find the video that goes with them!  Clearly, this is a trusting bond.

Can you imagine doing this with your horse??


Yup.  I do this all the time with my horses... not.

Yup. I do this all the time with my horses… not.

Or this...

Or this…


What a great marketing idea!!

Bud is asking the nation to name this baby…

I love shining a light on the horse for a few moments during the 2nd most viewed television program all year.

Here is the story…

Name that baby during the Superbowl!

Name that baby during the Superbowl!

click image to go to the original story.

click image to go to the original story.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Donna Meier

    I thought this was the best commercial of the entire Super Bowl, but then I am super fond of Cydesdales and that could be why.

  2. Marie Davis

    Tommie, you have a special gift with the horses, when I saw this wonderful commercial on tv, I was fixed on the wonderful relationship between you and that horse. This literally brought me to tears. I loved this, keep up the good work. Horses are magnificent animals. They are truely a gift from God.

  3. Jenne

    Tommie is so gifted and talented; I am blessed to have learned to ride under not one, but two of his previous interns. Check out the Midwest Renegades Equestrian Drill Team – their Dare Devils are among an elite group of trick riders that perform stunts on horseback while executing a precision drill routine! Jenny Vlahos and her horse Outlaw steal the show every time with a routine they perform with Jenny’s mom Bev and her Clyde/Morgan cross Zeke. Please visit — and come out to the show if you are in the area this summer!

  4. diane marchand

    Tommie, and your beautiful CLyde Souls how they trust the humans we could
    use your help to spread the word on stopping horse abuse, horse slaughter, and some wonderful horse rescues . there are way to many horses that HUMANS are treating horses
    in humanely. if you are ever in the ocala area we would love to come see you. i ll look
    for your facebook page

  5. Anita Bourgeois

    I recently had the privilege to see Tommie show his stuff at the Virginia Equine Extravaganza. He did a couple of demonstrations up close and personal and then that evening showed off in the evening show. It was a wonderful event! but let me add, if you want to see another guy that’s not quite as well known YET in the horse world, take a look at Guy McLean. He’s an Aussie and I have to say that his work is in many ways, just a fascinating! What I find the most “entertaining” about both of these guys is not the ‘tricks” but the bond they have with these wonderful animals. Bravo!

  6. Cara Ezzell

    “Priceless Blessing” – After being on an emotional roller coaster remembering Barbaro, praying for a draft horse in Ireland to recover from a critical case of colic (he made it & is recovering now due to a miracle!), having & always concerned about my own little, soon to be 11 yr. old, Arabian gelding (he’s fine, but us humans worry) then to hear about some new foals that were born last week in the elite Thoroughbred racing world – happy tears, your commercial really touched my heart, as they “always” do!!!! Bud has done it again & what an amazing trainer!!!! :) ?

  7. Janie

    I have to agree with you on so many points. I am a Giants fan (the only football fan in the family!) …if they are not in the Superbowl the game “might” be watched (by everyone) but only for the commercials. By far the best, in my opinion was the Clydesdale ad for Bud. (that and the “God made a Farmer”…. Channel 7 news, World News Tonight (in NY not sure where else) did a whole spread on the Clydesdale story, featuring the breeding farms how they go about choosing the ones that will be pulling carriages, and the attachment the breeders/trainers, form with their horses..and how they are separated after 2 years, and how the above mentioned feel pride when they see a parade is going to feature one of their horses (there’s are quite a few breeding farms) Best commercial..people have to learn (and I think they will) that there is more to animals, and the attachments, they form then they think…
    Love your blog..your pictures and your cause…

  8. Mike Redfern

    Budweiser always has the best commercials..1 other one that was awesome is where the horses lower their heads and bow down from a few years back. The name I would pick for the baby would be Spirit

  9. June Eddings

    I think the baby’s name should be “STAR”. The foal is a “STAR” in the commercial, and won a big size “STAR” on my heart.. It looks like mine!

  10. pam Bellamy

    The Clydesdal commercials are the best of the best I loved the picture Of the new baby the trainer is fanastic..keep them coming.

  11. marla morris

    I do not want to watch the game, but would love to see all the horse commercials. Why don’t you make a cd or dvd of them. Bet they would sell!

  12. marla morris

    Saw Tommy 2 yrs straight at U of Arkansas at the Equine Fest. I loved it. He is awesome. I brought 3 dvd of his performance. Two to give away and one for me to watch over and over. I loaned mine out and now I do not have it. How can I get a new one. A wonderful wonderful Person. Wish all that dealt with animals had his insight!

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