These are local (to me) horses.   I was made aware and I’d like to get the word out!  Horse thievery totally pisses me off.  I think people can still hang for this in some states.  Makes me furious.

STOLEN HORSES! – makes me furious!!  PLEASE SHARE

If you see them ANYWHERE PLEASE call (661) 505-2779

JACK:  should be easy to identify… LOOK AT HIS BRANDS!

Horses STOLEN last night in San Luis Obispo. This is my 16 year old beloved horse, Jack. He is extremely friendly and easy-going. He has a pick & shovel brand on his right hip & a D 20 brand on his hind (pictured.) He is a perfect bay coloring, with a single star on his forehead, & stands about 15+ hh. He may be passing through the Bakersfield (CA), New Mexico, & Arizona area. He is lame in the front left & right hind at the jog. He may be traveling with another stolen bay roan horse as well. PLEASE SHARE. If youre asked to board these horses take them in & call us. BORDER PATROL, BRAND INSPECTORS, & SHERIFFS HAVE ALL BEEN ALERTED. If you see him ANYWHERE PLEASE call me at (661) 505-2779 & Sheriffs Department, Jack is very missed!

Thank you so much for the support, no share is too far away & every one counts. Thank you so much for your continued support. Absolutely heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover it, please help us get my Jack Jack & Chewy home.

I can’t put into words how devastating this day has been, Jack was stolen between last night & early this morning from San Luis Obispo, CA. My Jack Jack is much more than just a horse, he is family. My horses are like my babies & to wake up to Jack missing has left a hole in my & Cody’s hearts. PLEASE SHARE, this is a suspected HORSE THEFT. Please help us bring my sweet Jack Jack home. Please refer to my original post for details! Thank you so much for the unwavering support of the entire horse community

Many have asked for brands & more information, my previous post with the details of his brands and body confirmation are there. Thank you so so so much. No updates at this time, keep sharing!


CHEWY:  Stolen at the same time, no brands

Sandra Escher (FB) Yesterday at 4:18 PM
Our horse Chewy, a 12 year old bay roan gelding, no brands, was taken from the ranch in San Luis Obispo where we were keeping him, sometime between last night and early this morning. Chewy is our daughter’s much loved horse, and we need him back. Please SHARE to your networks. Any information about his whereabouts is appreciated.

Chewy was taken with Jack from the same pen, they may be traveling together. See Emily Brandriff’s (FB) post also. Please help us find our much loved horses.



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  1. Shawna Stone

    THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND!!!! ALIVE!!! I DO NOT KNOW DETAILS!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Calvin48

    I bought my first horse in 1961 when I was twelve. He became my younger sister’s horse when I went to college. When she lost interest, several years later, I sold him to a pony-clubber who had been taking riding lessons from me. From her he went to another girl in Pony Club who rode him until he was retired in his early twenties. This family had another retired horse and the two of them lived in a pasture with a run-in shed. One night someone cut the fence and stole the two old horses. They were never found and it is suspected they were sold for slaughter. Such a horrible and sad end for horses who had worked for and with children their entire lives. I am still devastated every time I remember Murfy.

  3. Shawnna Stone

    Have been sharing this with every horse related thing I could think of the last few days since I saw the FB posts. Hitting too close to home here in SLO county, having horses all my life and a native, tearing me up knowing someone just walked in and walked out with these geldings. Ladies I sincerely wish for the safe return of your boys. I am so sorry this happened to you both. I will continue to share and repost in hopes someone sees Jack and Chewy and realizes they are stolen.

  4. Angie

    I am devastated for this family….I can’t imagine the heartbreak they are feeling. They should also post about these missing horses on Get the word out there to everyone! I hope and pray they get their beloved horses back safe and sound.

  5. Heather

    I agree with Rox post. Do you have big rig trucker friends that can spread the word on their CB radios throughout southwest? Look for trailers headed to Mexico. I think once across the border, it’s too late. My heart’s breaking for you and your daughter and your beautiful horses. I pray they’re found and returned.

  6. Rox

    If the owner has not done so she needs to contact every livestock auction within a 1200 mile radius OR MORE and alert the brand inspectors, who actually WILL look for brands and descriptions. From my past experiences in Washington “the sheriff’s office” is unlikely to do much if anything to assist. I actually had a Snohomish County (Washington) sheriff deputy tell me that they are “too busy to go around looking for brands on horses”. A friend in another southwest Washington county had a beloved very elderly stallion very tame and sweet stallion stolen and it wasn’t for the flesh trade…..from later reports circulating in the area, the stallion was taken for much worse purposes related to the so-called “black arts.” The chained and padlocked wooden pasture gate had been sawed apart by the thieves to be able to take the horse. Cannot imagine the terror and agony this horse endured at the end of his very long life. The perpetrators were never caught. Unfortunately law enforcement seems to have little interest in pursuing any crime with “emotional value” attached to it. From what I’ve seen in decades with horses and involvement in rescue situations, in my opinion if it doesn’t involve big money or something belonging to a wealthy or powerful person, law enforcement acts like they are simply too busy with other things to be bothered. I would hope that in California things would be better.

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