Sometimes, it is GOOD to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

From birth (almost), I’ve had a friend.  We called each other ‘womb mates’ because our Moms were pregnant at the same time.

For my entire childhood, until I was 31, Lor and I did everything together – including horses.  She and I would ride double, over the Freeway overpass, to the Calabasas Saloon for lunch.  We rode at Camp Mather.  As we got older, we roomed together in West Hollywood.  She was my maid of honor at my first elopement.

And then we had a huge blowout… and we didn’t speak for many years.

Through FB, I stayed in touch with her brother, so I kinda knew what Lor was doing…  But then, one day, I just decided to email her and ask what happened.

She said that she didn’t want to remember that bad time in her life, and I was a part of that bad time.  I said, “Yeah, but I was also a part of all the other good times, too…!”  So, we decided to meet up for a dinner in a beach town near where I live.  We both brought our husbands, who had never met either of us – which was very strange to both husbands.  “How could you have a very best friend that I’ve never met?”

So we got together for dinner… and the years fell away.  It was as if no time had been missed.

However, dinner was not enough time to catch up!  We still had so much to talk about!

Lo and behold, I decided to go to “Barb’s Wild Weekend” at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield last month.  Out of the blue, I texted Lor and asked if she wanted to join me.  (Barb’s Wild Weekend is where a bunch of strangers get together to discuss a book, stay at the Parkfield hotel, eat at the Parkfield Cafe, take long hikes on the private V6 Ranch and RIDE!)

Much to my surprise, she did!   Lor drove up from Los Angeles and met me there.

We had a GREAT TIME.  We met up in a tiny town (Parkfield, CA –  population: 19), met a bunch of strangers who are now friends, we rode horses, we hiked, we talked about a specific book that we had all read, we communed, we ate,  and we laughed, (all in the rain) doing something we’d never done before with people all on their own adventures.


Doing something so different, together, was an epic event.

If any of you have a chance – go do something totally different with a great friend; it will be remembered forever.


We are in the background. Me, the brunette, and Lor,the blonde (with red wine glasses in front of us). We spent the entire time catching up.  Here we are in the Parkfield Cafe where all the meals were served for Barb’s Wild Weekend. The food was GREAT. This cafe is built out of all wood by a family member, with a huge fireplace and awesome decor. The bar is a beautiful piece of wood. All the tables are amazing pieces of wood… The CA history in one room is amazing.

Here are a few of us from the trip. We took hikes during the rain and it was gorgeous! The V6 Ranch is 20,000 acres in Central California. “Barb” of ‘Barb’s Wild Weekend’ is in the white jacket with the pink water bottle. I’m in the other white jacket. Lor, blonde, is next to me.  Aren’t the Corgis darling?!  They followed us everywhere. Ranch dogs.

Barb took this pic of us. To me, it is so special because Lor and I have ridden horses together since we were teeny-tiny little girls. And here we are again…just a little older.  I Love this. Thank you, Barb, for a GREAT Barb’s Wild Weekend!  (Yes, I forgot my helmet.  I was on a very calm horse, luckily.)

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