SOLVING LITTER WITH CROWS! A Dutch company is training crows to pick up cigarette butts for pay (treats)!

I found this article fascinating!

Imagine if we could train ourselves NOT to litter… but after that already isn’t working, perhaps a GREAT idea is for birds to help!

A Dutch company is training Crows to pick up litter for treats!

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Crows are exceptionally intelligent, social birds with a natural instinct towards scavenging. They are so intelligent, in fact, that they’ve been known to bring gifts to people who feed them regularly. Sociality and generosity aside, however, their scavenging instincts could also be leveraged to help clean parks, city streets, and other public areas beset with litter. Check out this video by our own Hannah Watson on how crows might just chip in to pick up after their less intelligent human counterparts.

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  1. Bonnie J Bishop

    Crows are protected in the USA, it would have to be a gov breeding program. Maybe they have more spare crows in the Netherlands.

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