A reader sent an email suggesting that I attend one of Sylvia’s clinics if I ever had the chance…

Sylvia Zervini is that amazing woman who has the herd of white Arabians in Cavalia.  She works with them at Liberty… Amazing.


Could you imagine…?


They say she works with stallions… I don’t know what we have in this photo but they are doing it. Mr in the Front seems a bit upset but I’m guessing he did just fine.


I can’t even get two of my horses to do the same thing at once, let alone 8 at a full canter!

OMG!  SHE HAS CLINICS??!!!  and private courses?!


I had no idea.

And, much to my dismay, the last clinic was practically in my backyard.  I could have driven there easily.


So, to make sure that this never happens to you, I’ve listed a bunch of ways to find out when Sylvia might be in your area.

* I also noted on her website, that she does private sessions.  Wow!  Put that on your Christmas list, eh?…

I cannot believe I missed this!!  It was so close!

I cannot believe I missed this!! It was so close!


I clicked over to Sylvia’s website, hoping to find where she would be next.

Unfortunately, the Schedule link had no dates, which was very frustrating because her FB page had photos from her recent shows.

So, she is touring somewhere… according to FB.  Perhaps we need to email her to find out, dunno.  Or, watch her FB page closely.

Nice ride...
Nice ride…


Speaking of which, Sylvia has hardly any followers on her FB and that is such a shame because she write personally and speaks all about her horses and their daily routines.

We could probably learn some things through osmosis.

She even posts little home movies of her horses.  Very candid and sweet!   It kinda makes you feel as if she is just like one of us – except then you remember that she totally isn’t…  ;)

One of her relatives also writes about grooming and the real life stuff that happens.  I love that!  You might, too, so to to her page check it out!

The is the header for Sylvia's website.

The is the header for Sylvia’s website.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.02.41 PM

Click to go to Sylvia’s FB page. She only has 1,285 likes!!

After browsing her FB page, it was clear that Syliva has left California.    Arrgh.  The last show listed was in The Sable’ Theatre, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee oon April 18th.

Did any of you see her show? 

Have any of you gone to her clinics?

Have any of you had private tutoring with Sylvia?

I’d love to hear all about it!


Such an interesting shot.

Such an interesting shot.

Love the mane.

Love the mane.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.04.31 PM

Lots of sniffs going on here…


Very nice.


Could you imagine wearing that outfit around your horses? Mine would laugh so hard!



Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.03.21 PM

YUP, this is exactly what I look like when I’m in the barn… I love how the forelock looks like a cross. I need to know how to do that!


* We are getting close to our goal!  Soon I will print a heartfelt letter I received from Summer's mother, Rae.  ... April Bucket Fund... Summer was swept away in the mudslide and she left behind 19 horses.  Click image to learn more.

* We are getting close to our goal! Soon I will print a heartfelt letter I received from Summer’s mother, Rae. … April Bucket Fund… Summer was swept away in the mudslide and she left behind 19 horses. Click image to learn more.

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  1. Jill Rosier

    Mary Lu Kennedy – wow – you’ve really got your facts scrambled. The Del Mar show was a benefit organized BY Sylvia to assist the performers and horses who were stranded when the owners of the show they were working on packed up and left without paying them. That show was called Valitar. Sylvia was with the Cavalia show for years as their trainer, coach and featured performer. She did her own and others’ shows for a few years and has just been working with Cavalia again. She selected new horses for their new show and has been training horses and riders who are preparing to open the newest version of Cavalia Odesseyo. The clinics and lessons Sylvia gives are simply priceless. She teaches humans how to communicate with horses through body language. Once a human learns how to speak to horses from the ground using body language, then that human has tremendously effective tools for working with ANY horse. I have been to the shows, I have taken lots of lessons, I have worked on the shows and clinics and i have worked for Sylvia personally, caring for her retired horses. She is awesome. Should you EVER have a chance to see her shows or attend her clinics, DO IT. It is well worth every cent you will pay and more. Oh – and about “checking her background” – she is famous all over the world for her work with horses and on the trapeze – her family has been famous for a century or more for their work with horses and other performing animals. If you check her background and references, you will find she is 100% legit and one of the most talented and ethical horsepersons in the world.

  2. Jennifer

    She held a clinic where I board last summer. I was quite unimpressed with it. I didn’t audit, but rode in an adjacent arena and neither I (nor my trainer) could understand why anyone would pay money to work with her.

  3. Amy

    I saw Odysseo recently. Don’t know it was Sylvia, but they did have a liberty act with gray Arabians. One of them kept biting his neighbor, which I found distracting. I kept wincing on behalf of the victim.

  4. dawndi Post author

    This should open up a debate… I’m not recommending Sylvia because I haven’t been to her clinic – but I did see her Cavalia show and it was impressive. So, let’s see what others say! (Her clinic was recommended to me by someone who had been to a clinic.)

  5. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I believe that this is the same Sylvia who was to appear in Del Mar a few years back and her staff walked out because she insisted that she was going to ride the horses and they said that except for ground work she was an embarassment and incompetent. It was a big mess and folks were trying to raise money to feed her horses. She was not with Cavalia very long. I remember reading about it on Google. You might want to check her background before recommending her.

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