Scott Trees, equine photographer, makes it look EASY! A brief video moment watching Scott work…

As many of you know, I produced a television series called, HORSE & MAN, long before the blog… And, I have thousands of hours of footage that never made it to broadcast.  So, I have vowed that I will dust off the masters and bring to you rough, but fun, edits from my adventures with Horse & Man, the TV series.

Today’s edit is from a day with Scott Trees, equine photographer.

Click to go to Scott Tree's website.

Click to go to Scott Tree’s website.


I chose Scott Trees because he is a very well respected equine photographer not on my particular show circuit (Morgan) and because many of the amazing photos I’d seen had his signature…

Well, when I called Scott to see if his schedule would allow us to visit in February of 2003, he was very accommodating!  Not only was Scott willing to let us come to his home and interview him, but he was also willing to set up a shoot where we could video him photographing his subject!

I grabbed this shot of of Scott's website.

I grabbed this shot of of Scott’s website.


I didn’t know Jill Hegna from Royal Palm Friesians.   She was a client of Scott’s who was gracious enough to drive all the way to the shoot with two horses and have them both turned-out immaculately… in really bad, stormy, rainy nasty weather.

Although Mother Nature was against us, Jill kept her composure throughout the shoot and was very gracious.

Her stallion, Tim, was such a good boy – considering.  Most of my horses would have been higher than kites with that kind of weather!  But, this stallion was very contained.

Click to go to the FB page.

Click to go to the FB page.


This is a little video that I put together from the master footage.

What I loved about this day with Scott, Jill and Tim was how easy Scott made it look in his final photos… as we all know, photographing a large animal (in bad weather) can be challenging, to say the least.

My point in this video was to show the gorgeous subjects, the repetition and re-staging required to get what you want with a live animal… and the good humor of Scott, Jill and Tim.  Scott really does understand and love the horses.

It shows.

Click here to watch the short video of our day.

Click to watch short movie.

Click to watch short movie.  (This is Tim, the stallion, Jill and Scott.)



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Click image to see all the NEW DESIGNS and those that have arrived from the UK and Poland!

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