Remember the Mustang Stallion, Champ, who saved the filly in the river? There’s more to the story!…

This is so exciting!

Two days ago, I reported the story of the Mustang Stallion who stoically saved a filly from his band who was about to be swept down river…  Here is the link to that heartwarming story.

Well, I was just so curious, I did some googling and found the FB page of the woman on the video.  So, I wrote to her…

And she wrote back!!


So, I wanted to bring you some more photos from the Salt River Wild Horses FB page (she and a friend started the page to document these wild ones…) and also to bring to you more of the story told by Becky.

This photo is from their FB page.



Champ is one of approximately a dozen horse bands that live along the Salt River. Champ’s family is one of the largest consisting currently of three other older stallions, two mares, two colts from 2010 and a colt and a filly from 2011.

A new baby!


I’ve heard speculations as to the origin of these wild horses with the only consistent statement being, “they have been here forever.” “Forever”, for these horses, most likely means they originated from the Spanish in the 17th Century, in particular, Father Kino who was known for letting horses and burros loose along his missionary route so he would have fresh mounts to ride when he returned.


This photo was taken of Champ after he rescued the filly.


I first saw the wild horses at the Salt River just over a year ago when walking my dog in the area with a friend, herself an accomplished horsewoman. My friend shared tips with me on how to understand the horse’s behavior and how to act around them.




I’ve always loved horses but rarely had the opportunity to be around them. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded not only by horses but by wild horses – I became filled with inspiration and joy! I’ve returned to the area on almost a daily basis ever since in an effort to learn more about them and to capture the beauty I see in them.

The newest member…

Soon I started researching to learn all I could about wild horses. I discovered a past riddled with cruelty. Luckily today, their story is on the apex of change. A lot of good people are working to change this past to one of humane management and appreciation and I’m so grateful.


She is concerned with his hurt foot…


I’ve started a fan page for these horses on Facebook called, Salt River Wild Horses. My good friend Karen McLain is helping me to manage the page. We are encouraging people to visit our page, to Like it and to share their own photos and experiences with these horses.

Thank you for your interest Dawn!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. David Micetic

    Thank you for sharing these photos. I have gone to the river many times to watch and photograph them. They are beautiful animals, and bring me peace watching them in their natural environment

  2. Chris

    Hope Champ’s right leg healed already. Wish him a long life with his family in freedom.

  3. P.Kaye

    I live in Northern Nevada, Elko area. The BLM here does have similar plans for our wild horse population as well.
    It is very disheartening to me that that such a noble animal that hurts NOTHING in the WILD would or could even be considered in such a heinous act of animal cruelty! They take care of themselves and each other in the wild. And by the beautiful HEALTHY look of them they do just fine. It’s always MAN who questions what to do? A wild animal never questions what to do? He just does.

  4. Jody Brittain

    The wild horses SHOULD remain free and safe!!!! Unlike what Dave Duquette wants to do to them…he wants to take all the wild horses from the yakima nation and SLAUGHTER THEM! then he is going to work on the BLM horses! His plans are to process 25000 per year! Can you imagine what that is going to do? I am so sickened that there are plans for a slaughterhouse right in MY BACK yard so to speak! The location is planned less than 4 miles from where I live…..So when I see stories like this, It gives me hope….If there was something I thought I could do, I WOULD! I do believe there needs to be some control..but slaughterhouse are not the answer!

  5. Karen McLain

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story! These are amazing horses, I know they have brought joy to many people. I <3 them!

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