PUMPKIN, the dwarf mini horse with deformed feet, RUNS with new braces! A must see!

Have you seen this video of Pumpkin, the dwarf mini baby who was born with very severely deformed feet – all four.  She could barely walk.  It was really bad.  When you watch the video, you’re going to wonder how anything could be done for her.

Click image to watch the video

The wonderful people at TWIST OF FATE FARM AND SANCTUARY took her in – and had braces made for her.

Watch the video here.

Pumpkin is carried to her first fitting.

The first set didn’t quite work… heartbreaking. Back to the drawing board.

2 weeks later, the new set arrives.

They work!

They work! She’s running all over the place!

She’s running to catch up to her Mom. The guy in the black jacket made the splints and he is overjoyed!


Amazing. Such a great story. Happy ending. I’m sure not many would even have hope for this baby… look at her go!


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