PROOF that horses can see color and identify letters! WATCH Candi and Jasmine show you!

Have you met Candi Cane Cooper, the animal communicator?  Yes, that’s her real name.  Candi is an animal communicator.  Here is her website, where you can book appointments (phone is fine), Facebook to see all of her animal clients and You Tube Channel where you can watch videos of her work and her training.

Just yesterday, the video of Candi proving that her horse, Jasmine, knows color popped into my inbox.  I LOVED IT.

Click here to watch video.

Click image to watch the video of Jasmine choosing her colors.


So… I went to Candi’s You Tube channel and found another video on Jasmine picking her letters!

Click here to watch the video.


Click image to watch Jasmine choose her letters!


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