Me and my photos… da da dee dah dee dah…

We are at R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.  FB here.  The best guest ranch for riding, eating and having a lovely, relaxed, gloriously gorgeous time.  Once you’ve been, you’ll come back as often as you can.  I promise.

I am having spotty internet, so I’m trying to upload photos while everyone else is at dinner – and not using the internet!

So here goes my quick photoblog of the day.  I have 12 photos… but I doubt I can get them all loaded before dinner is over.  If I don’t, I’ll post them when I get home!

Wednesday Photoblog!

I arrived at the barns early… this is me and my shadow, the song I was trying to sing in today’s headline.

This was my view as I left my cabin to walk over to the barns.

The light was beautiful…

This is a photo of the round pen this morning… could you imagine training horses with this as your backdrop?

The horses were all saddled and ready to go – getting their last winks in.

I was standing over this pile of shoes when I took that last photo. 80 horses are shod every 6 weeks.

This horse saw me standing by the corrals and came over to say hello. He was very sweet.

The morning ride was glorious!

Hubby took this photo of me and Wrangler Rob. I wanted you to see the pants Goode Rider sent to me… they are cheetah or leopard. I’ll get a better shot. Anyway, can you see the balloons in the air behind us?

The weather can change quickly in Wyoming… the afternoon ride brought rain! The ride was lovely as well. (That is Hubby in front of me, looking at the clouds.)

This is Hubby loving on his horse, Cochise. I most definitely could see the horse smiling…

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