Photo stills and the Trailer from the movie WAR HORSE.



Because I am a producer, often times reps for key people in the biz will send me ‘reels’ of current work.  So, out of the blue today, I received and email from a rep who forwarded to me scenes shot by her client, Janusz Kaminksi, who happens to be the cinematographer for the movie, WAR HORSE.

Well well well!  How much fun is that?!  Now I can pass onto you the trailer for the movie, War Horse.

Then I realized that the trailer has been out for a few weeks and this was nothing special.

Ah well… still, a good idea for a blog!

So, you can watch the trailer, or, if  your bandwidth isn’t great, I’ve freeze framed a few key photo stills.




Click on image to view trailer!


So I clicked to wikipedia to find out any information and found a lot about the movie but not much about the featured horse (s).  I’ll keep looking.  But so far, this is all I know…

During filming in the UK thirteen different horses were used as the main horse character Joey.The horses playing horse characters Joey and Topthorn had a specialist equine make-up team, with their coats dyed and markings added to ensure continuity, and a blacksmith was on set to replace horseshoes sucked off in the mud during filming. The horses were trained by Bill Lawrence. Extra filming involving a bay foal took place in California in March 2011. Working with horses on this scale was a new experience for Spielberg, who commented: “The horses were an extraordinary experience for me, because several members of my family ride. I was really amazed at how expressive horses are and how much they can show what they’re feeling.”


This is a field full of horses that are crouched down with their riders


Look at the kite shaped blaze! All the movie horses who played the lead horse were dyed and marked identically.

I wonder what kind of horse this is?

Cool shot. I don't think my horse would do this...


Great eye.

That is a reflection of a girl in the horse's eye.


The same kite shaped star in the drawing.


It opens in December...


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. trickiredhead

    I cannot even watch the commercials for this movie without tearing up.

  2. liz

    I swear that hose is gaiting like a Tennessee Walker in some of those trailers.

  3. Sam Stronach

    Hi. I wrote the Wikipedia section about the horses – if you click on the little blue numbers in the text it takes you to a URL link to the respective newspaper and web articles that provided the information. There’s a lot more detail in those articles on the horses. It couldn’t all go in the Wikipeida page for obvious reasons! Keep an eye on the Wikipedia War Horse film page though because I am always adding information to it.

  4. Ali Bannister

    Those are my drawings in the skecthbook! Thank you for choosing to feature them here. That has made my day. It was a great film to work on. I can’t wait to see the end result. If anyone would like to see more of my artwork, there’s plenty on my website. just tap ‘Ali Bannister’ into google.

  5. barbara

    Ok just re-read the book for the breed. “Joey” is a bright bay, with a cross shaped blaze, half TB, Half Irish draft.

  6. barbara

    Secretariat did not work for me either. But I do tear up looking at the his statue with Eddie.

  7. RiderWriter

    OH YES, I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY psyched for this movie!!! I read the book as soon as I heard about the play in London, ahd hoped that the play would come to the US, but never dared to dream it would be made into a movie. Yay, Mr. Spielberg! Of course the play HAS come to the US and one of my best friends back home in NJ saw it last week (at Lincoln Center in NYC). She said it was awesome…

    I’m with you, though, Barbara – I went by myself to see “Secretariat,” packing the Kleenex, and then barely used them (couldn’t wrap my sentimental side all the way around the glaring mistakes and inconsistencies enough to turn on the waterworks, although I did thoroughly enjoy the movie). This movie will be a different story. I bawled my way through that darn book so I KNOW I will be a floating wreck in the theatre. Probably like when I saw “Spirit.” One little whicker from the foal in the first few minutes and I was a goner. Don’t even ask me about when he’s put on the freight train (my kids were mortified). I think the only movie I’ve cried harder watching was “Saving Private Ryan.”

    You know Spielberg (and Kaminski, those two are pals and the results are always good) will do a fantastic job with the story, so I’m prepared to be wowed. I have to laugh at Steve’s comment about how “several members of his family ride.” You don’t say – I remember reading somewhere that his wife (Kate Capshaw) had infuriated the neighbors by wanting to put up a huge indoor arena. I think she does H/J?

  8. Miss Jan

    Barbara can see that the horse above is a cross probably 3/4 with a light horse and draft blood looking very much like an Irish TB. It would be interesting if someone could do an in-depth on the horses in the movie.

    Dawn – with the interest generated by War Horse first on Broadway and now in Hollywood, maybe there ought to be a film of something even more timely and current – I’m sure you’re by now aware of our horse soldiers in Afghanistan. So few people have any awareness of these special forces and their equally courageous mounts – I actually became aware that there was still a sort of cavalry through my boss who though a practicing attorney is an incredibly knowledgeable military historian who consults for museums. I had learned that a bronze artist, Edwin Bogucki, widely known for his Thoroughbred and Arabian sculptures, was reputed to having been commissioned to create a life-sized statute of a modern era horse soldier (though I can find no current information on that project). that led me to the book “Horse Soldiers” which despite some glaring errors (e.g., horses don’t “bray”) is a gripping read and that comes from yours truly who a) really hates war and violence and b) cannot stand the thought of horses being the subject of another dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. It would, however, be wonderful to see what a sculptor like Bogucki would make of the tough, whipcord-thin little Afghani horses acquired and used by American soldiers! Another bronze artist Douwe Blumberg has a public installation of a Special Forces soldier (present day representation) and his collection of war horse sculptures is breathtakingly gorgeous (

  9. Barbara

    This move is based on the book the war horse and then the play you blogged about. I believe the horse was a cross between a riding horse and a draft type in the book. I can see myself getting teary eyed watching the trailer, so I will probably see this on my own with a box of tissues.

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