Perfect for a Sunday (at home). Go find some rocks and do this!

I saw this post on FB and wanted to share… I’m not sure who posted it originally, so I’m posting the post so that you all can go visit any/all of the names on this post.  In any event, this is perfect for a Sunday at home.

I’m not sure who originally posted this…



–All pieces here were artisan crafted for the the needy horses featured in the  HORSE AND MAN BUCKET FUND!

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LOOK WHAT CAME IN?!! Our artist friend from Poland is working away at home and she shipped us some jewels AT A DISCOUNT! PERIWINKLE FLOWER ONLY $58!

Large Periwinkle flower pendant encased in glass with a bronze bezel. One of a kind! Pendant is 2″ long and 1″ wide. LOVELY!  Chain is 32″

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NEW FROM POLAND! Large Captured Dandelion pendant! Only $68!

Gorgeous, one of a kind, captured dandelions in glass with a bronze bezel. So pretty! Pendant is 2.3″ long and 1.5″ wide. This is a robust and lovely item you will wear all the time!

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JUST IN FROM POLAND! Lovely mini daisy! Only $48.

Gorgeous mini daisy encased in glass and bronze. Dainty, delicate, lovely. LOVE THESE!  Pendant is 1″ long and .5″ wide.  Chain is 32″.

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