Yesterday, I wrote about ANN ROMNEY credits horseback riding for almost eliminating her symptoms from multiple sclerosis!

I wrote about this because Ann was quoted as saying:

“Horses are amazing teachers,” said Romney, who visited with other patients who like her use riding as therapy. “I love these wonderful, sweet companions that teach us so much.”

I, personally, was hopeful that this kind of thinking could benefit the horses should her husband be voted President.


As  luck would have it, exactly when my post was publishing, another email was circulating about Ann Romney being involved in a lawsuit over selling a drugged horse who eventually turned up lame.


So, I quickly added the new Ann Romney news item onto my Ann Romney post on the Horse and Man website yesterday.

Here it is:

THIS JUST IN! (6/27/12)

This story was in my inbox after I had posted the above.

My only comment is that I am guessing there might be more to the story since Ann Romney is only one of the owners of the horse in question.  In my personal experience, my trainer would ask the vet to do things to my show horses that I wasn’t aware… which is one reason I no longer show.

So, my decision on Ann is still open until I learn – if possible – her actual involvement with the drugs and the sale of this horse.  I would like to think that this lawsuit opened her eyes.  However, she is still using the same trainer, so who knows.

Here is a very controversial article regarding Ann and one of her other horses.

Ann Romney’s Horse Lawsuit-Over Drugging a Lame Horse to Sell It

Read more: http://www.politicolnews.com/ann-romneys-horse-lawsuit-over-drugging-a-lame-horse-to-sell-it/#ixzz1z0coLKqx



Many of you wrote to me saying I was totally ignorant and people like Ann Romney throw away horses that aren’t top athletes…

Hmmmm.  I don’t know anything about her or that…  Cannot judge that part…

I do still hope that we don’t know the entire story – however, I have to say that it doesn’t look good.

But down deep, for me, if Mitt is elected, I’m going to hold out and work on the part of Ann that loves the horses and values their good work in helping her through MS – maybe by watering that seed, we can help it grow…  for the good of all the horses.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Seabiscute

    I was going to write this anyway, but will specifically also address the comment from Lorrie — what could possibly give you the idea that Romney would not send horses to slaughter? He has engaged in heartless behavior in business, chewing up functioning companies and ruining the lives of loyal workers, all to make a buck. Of course he will be on the side of the people who seek profits by butchering innocent horses, or abusing mustangs in order for cattle and energy interests to take their land.

    I do not think that Ann Romney drugged that poor horse or even knew about it. BUT she should have. I think she is probably totally out of touch with the 99% in the horse world. She has never to my knowledge publicly supported any horse-related cause, and surely there are some that would be politically safe, such as the TB retirement initiatives?

    I am sure she is a nice person who has a difficult but very sheltered life, and who happens to ride horses that cost more than most people earn in a year. She does not appear to feel any sense of noblesse oblige where horses are concerned, unfortunately. With privilege should come responsibility.

    I shudder to think what will happen to our horses if Romney is elected. And his wife isn’t going to help them.

    PS — the Politico article was very poorly written and too snarky for my taste, just so you know.

  2. Arliss

    Goodness gracious. I’m so sorry that you’re getting any negative feedback from your post. Thank you for bringing an interesting focus on a positive and little-talked-about aspect of the Ann Romney story — how her love of and involvement with horses is helping her deal with MS. I personally wish we had better candidates for president, but I am heartened that if Mitt Romney does win, the family’s interest in horses will bring about more coverage on the topic and will hopefully bode well for horses overall.

  3. peg

    *Sigh* Looks like the people from the old Fugly are lookin’ for a new home..
    Your blog,Dawn,write about whatever interests you. Don’t let anyone change who you are.

  4. Lorrie

    Ann Rommeyloves horse , why do horse people always judge at least her husband will not send horses to slaughter! Not like Obama.

    I think having Ann will be great for the horse industry- All great presidents owned horses.
    I bet she never knew her horse was drugged and how do they even know that a horse can become lame over anything
    You 80% ego horse people Make me sick!

  5. Debra

    Forgive me but I must say that using the word “shiz” for shit is very unprofessional and tacky. You are better than that.

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