OMGosh. YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK/KINDLE: “THE HORSE LOVER” by H. Alan Day! I’m bawling right now – such a great, true story!

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My good friend, MIchael Johnson (author of HEALING SHINE), knows that I’m all about creating the Horse and Man ReWilding Program.  So, he suggested I read THE HORSE LOVER, A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs by H. Alan Day with Lynn Wiese Sneyd.

So, I ordered the paperback right away… but it took me about a month to start reading it.

Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.  I read the entire thing.  Stayed up until 2am and then woke up to finish it.

So powerful.  So honest.  So moving.  A MUST for any human who has ever loved an animal or run a business.

Click image to read what Amazon says

Click image to read what Amazon says


Man has beautiful, grassy ranch land.  Wild Horses need grassland.  Man hosts BLM unadoptable wild mustangs.  Man transforms horses and horses transform man.

Amazing.  An incredible story told by a real cowboy who loves the horses – and the truth.


The author is a real Ranch Boss.  He grew up on 193,000 acres.  He knows ranching and I learned by listening to him.

This story is HIS story – his real story – about housing 1500 wild horses.  Day opens up and tells it like it was, the good with the bad.  He wants his reader to understand his whole truth to learn for the benefit of all the other wild horses in holding.  He wants the ranchers and horses to succeed as he did.  How generous, right?!  Day opens his arms and says, “Learn from Me!”

I found his Wild Horse ranching techniques fascinating.  I found his friendship with the horses admirable.  I liked him and wished I could have him over for dinner…

… And… what wormed into my heart… Day explains how he learned about true horsemanship through personal stories of his horses over the years.  I Loved this part.  In flashbacks to help narrate his experience, Day speaks of the horses he loved and how they taught him.  Knowing how much he valued his horses  and how he valued his personal integrity – made me trust him.


I don’t want to give it away, but imagine 6000 thundering hooves, following you from one pasture to another.  Amazing.


The hidden story Day explains without saying anything.  He got the horses from the BLM but the BLM owned the horses.  Through Day’s experiences, the reader can come to their own conclusions regarding the BLM’s stewarship of America’s horses.

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JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES! Every sale counts! Click image to see the new pieces!

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January's Bucket Fund last few days... we are just a few hundred behind our goal!  Click here to read about the 25 horses living among carcasses...

January’s Bucket Fund last few days… we are just a few hundred behind our goal! Click here to read about the 25 horses living among carcasses…

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