“NO, HE DIDN’T FORGET HIS BRIDLE…” : I love stories like this! (Chronicle of the Horse)

I so admire the bravery for a trainer to go out into a show arena – in a halter – just because the horse likes it better.

I’m speaking of the article I read in The Chronicle of the Horse about Zin Chin and her trainer, Kelly McKnight.

Click to read the original article.

Click to read the original article.


Knowing nothing about Kelly McKnight… I found great respect in this one paragraph:

“I really do try to go out of my way to have a happy horse,” said McKnight. “When I’m breaking the babies or doing the young horses, the goal is to make them happy, to find out what they do well and help them find a place where they can do that; this one’s just happiest going in a halter. She just loves her job. She can’t wait to jump.

His horse just wouldn’t work well in a bridle… but after an accidental discovery while hacking about one day, he realized that his horse, Zin Chin, worked beautifully in a simple halter.

So, that’s what he did…


Click to read the article

Click to read the article

Click this link to read the article.

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