I could not believe my eyes!

There was a baby kangaroo in a canvas bag that was sitting on a chair on a restaurant patio!


You see, Hubby and I decided to try COOL HAND LUKE’S restaurant in Paso Robles, where we live.

While we were sitting at our table in the bar, Hubby said, “That lady has a baby kangaroo in her purse.”

He said it matter of factly.

Me:  “What?!!”

Hubby:  “That lady has a baby kangaroo in a bag on a chair out there on the deck.”

I grabbed my phone and was out on that patio in a nano second.  By this time, word has spread to all of the servers and customers – who were also all on that patio.

This is a photo I took of the lady who was in front of me in the “pet a baby kangaroo” conga line that had formed.

Look at her face.  That was exactly how I felt.  Awe and Wonder.

This is not me. This is the gal in front of me in the “pet the baby kangaroo” conga line. Her expression is perfect. Awe and Wonder.


Then this gal in front of me who had just petted the kangaroo, took my camera from me and told me to “get in there!”.  She took photos.  As she handed the camera back to me she said, “I got some really good ones of you…”.

And she did.

We meet.

He gave me a big kiss and then licked my chin. I think I had some butter on there or something… I had just eaten a dinner roll.

Ahhh, the good spot! I didn’t want to hog any time away from all the other people. So this was it. But, I loved it!


I found out that he was from Zoo To You, a little rescue place near my house.  It isn’t open to the public, so I have never been there.  Of course, I wanted to know his story but the ladies that had him were fairly exasperated with all of us disturbing their dinner (that’s what happens when you bring a baby kangaroo to dinner, just sayin’), so I never found out how he came to be.

From the website, I think it could be, Sydney, the red kangaroo… but I’m not sure.

This is a photo off of the website from ZOO TO YOU. I’m not sure if this is the same kangaroo I petted. This one is named, Sydney.

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