I love hearing about horses who have successfully learned what their humans want – and are able to execute those needs happily.  A good match.  Zeus is the right horse with the right job.   He’s totally ears up and ready, calm and collected – during a job that has to be stressful as a mounted NYPD POLICE HORSE.


And his Police Officer rider seems to adore him.  A dream come true for her, she says.  She has the greatest job in the world!

Watch the video linked here!

Click image to watch video.

She’s ridden all her life and this is a dream job come true!

The video shows her caring for him and cleaning him up… he seems totally relaxed.

It has to be a tough job… but he’s ears up all the time!

Wow. I couldn’t imagine the heights of bombproof in these horses!! We should be so lucky to adopt a retired service horse!

WE ARE ALMOST THERE!  Any Starbucks donations today?!  Swayze lives at Skydog near Remi, Rojo and Sam.  Such good people trying to do their best for all the horses at Skydog. Every bit adds up!  MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, NEEDS SURGERY TO SURVIVE.  His Drop in the Bucket Fund (story here) only needs $195 to give him his lifesaving surgeryJust a few drops will add up!  Thank you in advance!

Do you have Starbucks money to donate to this very handsome gelding?  He has fought so hard to live!  Thank you!!  Make a 100% tax deductible donation here!


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