Look at this gorgeous Zonkey!  He was rescued and lives at Skydog with our March Bucket Fund horse, Swayze.  If you’d like to read Swayze’s story and donate, please click here!

I was so wowed by ZZ THE ZONKEY’S coloring, I had to show you.  Isn’t he amazing?!

ZZ the Zonkey!


So not all the animals here turn out to be mustangs as you saw from the last post. Quite a few times when we have been rescuing a mustang from a kill pen a donkey has sneaked on to the haul and at livestock auctions it is very hard not to take home a baby lamb or goat who has lost its mother. And they all live at Skydog. One of the most unusual of these saves is ZZ. He is a Zonkey – a cross between a donkey and a zebra and we saved him from going to a kill ranch in Texas where people pay thousands of dollars to go and shoot an exotic animal for fun or sport. I am not sure where the sport is because it would literally be like shooting a VW bus for all the wildness in our ZZ but we saved him and he now lives here and thinks he is a wild horse. Which is fine with us. He lives in a corral with Jagger, Springsteen, Cassidy and the Sulphur girls. And we love him. He is a bit of a hooligan and certainly keeps everyone on their toes as he is a little bit more zebra than donkey most days. But for all of you who have spotted him lurking in the background of photographs and asked to see more, here he is x


When I drove up to Skydog to watch the release of Remi, Rojo and Sam, I was invited to stay overnight.  Yay!  While there, Clare took me on a wonderful tour of the residents.  I met ZZ.  He was glorious!

So handsome!

What a beautiful specimen. I believe he would be sterile, but not sure… any vets out there?

Isn’t Skydog an incredible place to live? These formerly slaughterbound equines are all going to live peacefully, forever, thanks to Skydog Sanctuary.

OUR MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, COULD SURE USE SOME HELP!  He fought so hard to live after being rescued from the feedlot – and now he has cancer of the rectum – but he can survive it with surgery!  His herdmate, Priscilla, is having a baby very soon and we’d love for him to live to see the new member of his tiny herd.  We can do it!  We only need $2300 drops in the Bucket to save him!  Right now, the bucket is at $720!  We are almost a third of the way there!  Any amount helps!  All donations are 100% tax-deductible!  Thank you in advance! Donate here!

On the trailer after surviving the slaughter feedlot. Best friends, Swayze and pregnant Priscilla.

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