LET’S MAKE SOME GELDINGS!! NERN offers several exceptional LOW COST gelding clinics in CA – and can potentially help set up clinics in your area!

I used to be a breeder so I’m not really against breeding quality horses.

However, I am against equine over-population, starving horses, neglected horses or abandoned horses.  So, I fully support the gelding process.

Because I fully support healthy gelding, I am happy when I see reputable low-cost gelding clinics.  NERN (National Equine Resources Network) has had a series of wildly popular low cost gelding clinics in California.  And they are offering several more this month!

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But, how about in your state?  Do you have a need for a low cost gelding clinic?  Probably…

Well, if you feel you might be interested in knowing how it works and what is needed to create these wonderful services, please go to the NERN website and contact them (Hint: you will need a willing vet, an appropriate facility, a qualified Rescue and some elbow grease!  But it is worth it!).

Or, if you don’t have a stallion but just want to be a part of the solution with equine over-population, you can help others who are in need by visiting the NERN website or FB page to donate to their cause.  NERN is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.  Y’know, if  you ever feel the need/urge to help horses but don’t have any particular horse in mind, NERN is always collecting for equine rescues across the country.  They have all sorts of programs set up to help horses (hay drives, gelding clinics, rescue efforts…).  So, put a bookmark on the NERN website for when you feel the need to help!

As an aside, NERN’S FB page is full of fun daily information and inspirational equine thoughts!  (I sometimes get my blog topics from the NERN FB page!)


Right now, NERN is offering an 8-day gelding clinic extravaganza!  Several wonderful equine facilities are participating as well as R-Vets.  I’ve been to many of the gelding clinics run by NERN and they are exceptional.  You and your horses are very safe in their capable hand.

–I’ve just heard that there is space available in some of these cities!  If you know of anyone in these areas who might need low cost gelding services, please let them know about these clinics!

Below is the list and pertinent flyers:

March 21 – Salinas, CA
March 22 – King City, CA
March 23 – Lodi, CA
March 24 – Auburn, CA  (openings available – flyer below)
March 25 – Petaluma, CA  (openings available – flyer below)
March 26 – Woodland, CA  (openings available – flyer below)
March 27 – Orland, CA  (openings available – flyer below)
March 28 – Cottonwood, CA  (openings available – flyer below)

Auburn flyer... space available!

Petaluma flyer - space available!

Woodland flyer - space available!

Orland flyer - space available!

Cottonwood flyer - space available!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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