The artist, Leslie Anne Webb, is a friend of the blog.  I’ve written about her a few times and have coveted one of her paintings for years called, “Elwood”.

Anyway, being an artist, she has great taste.   Her taste is so great, she and her tiny home were featured on HOUSE HUNTER.

Well, now Leslie Anne Webb is selling her tiny house!   It could be yours!

I've always lusted after this one...

I’ve always lusted after this one of Leslie’s original paintings…


Leslie is selling her house for LESS THAN SHE PAID and it is only a year old.

Here is the description:

400sq ft Tiny House on wheels…..asking $79,900, less than what I have into it….custom designed interior, tons of upgrades, higher insulation, on demand water heater, etc etc…..pics attached.

As SEEN on Tiny House Hunters!

CUSTOM designed, custom interior, upgraded water heater, flooring, painting, windows, doors, deck, lots of storage….living room with double glass doors (that open outward to save interior space) and pentagon window and vaulted dormer, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage/pantry room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (tub/shower), plumbing and faucet for outdoor tub as well, 2 hallway closets/storage/pantry…huge bedroom closet…..just find your perfect property to put it on, or as a second home or rental on your existing property…..considered a Park Model RV….not a tow behind your truck type of RV…this is a house on wheels, meant to be set up and lived in….
EXCELLENT, only one year old……asking less than what I’ve put into it……
SUPER efficient to run, takes VERY little energy, forced air heat….tongue and groove pine walls, all custom painted….tons of storage, custom vanity with copper sink, brand new Bosch fridge ($2700), fireplace mantel with electric flame and heater used as ambiance (also very efficient and low cost to run), extra built in storage in hallway, high end fixtures and faucets, durable floor looks just like rustic barn wood, custom sliding barn door in hallway covers bathroom and hall storage, so use of space is optimal…all that and more…custom corrugated metal skirting, all under mount braces, under deck/house dog run with gate, custom stove/oven…this is a CASH ONLY home, and it needs to sell by April 20th….thanks

Leslie Anne Webb


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outside trough


Last month, I told you about the horrible news that someone had intentionally poisoned Leslie’s horses and dog with oleander laced cookies (found in her private pasture).  Her beloved horse, Cowboy, died as well as her best friend dog, Rosie.

The perp was never caught.  So, now Leslie wants to just leave with her two remaining horses and go somewhere safe – far away and unknown to anyone.

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.  Let’s help Leslie start over.


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  1. Suzanne

    I feel so deeply shocked reading this post when looking for your Artwork ……such a horrific experience, unbelievable that someone could be so cruel. And the fact they were not caught. My heart goes out to you Leslie, I watched the programme this morning, t could be up to date or a year ago. It doesn’t matter, what’s happened will be felt by many and hope that the killer will be found one day soon.
    I live in New Zealand, too far away to be of help. If your paintings are for sale I’m sure they will be on the website.,
    Do takecare and hope this finds you heading towards better things.

  2. Gibbie Gibson

    Dear Leslie, I am so sorry for your loss, I know your horses were your babies. I’ve placed your Tiny House on my FB page in hopes somebody has property that could use it as a beautiful guest/in-law suite. I also placed it on my FB page a year ago when I first watched it on TV. You have put so much of your charm and style into this home that it’s truly worth every penny you’re asking. I live in Colorado and the permits/laws that prohibit Tiny houses is off the charts if not ~ I’d sell my condo and purchase it myself. I truly hope your life’s journey finds you some peace. You truly have placed your stamp on this beautiful home. Good Luck to you.

  3. NYArtist

    I am so sorry for your loss…incredibly devastating. I’ve followed your work as a fellow artist for years and enjoyed the segment on your tiny home. I understand why you have to move…so much pain and nothing to every fully heal excep to know that those we love are never far away..until you meet again. Hugs.

  4. Dawn Ruhkick

    Sorry to hear of your loss. I love your design of tiny home. What state are you located in? My problem will most likely be shipping something here. Would you be willing to sell me some house plans? you do have a very cosy place and look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Cathy

    This house has Haunted me, but in a very good way. I absolutely Love it! Almost a all of the tiny house designers and buyers Think they are making their homes “homey” but this house is the epitome of homey.

    By having a regular sized bedroom on the Ground floor , there is no crazy gymnastics necessary to climb into bed. There is plenty of headroom. Who wants to bump their head getting into or out of bed?

    The best part is that she used all of her own furniture, which is sophisticated in a very comfortable way. Why have a tiny cramped space for dining, when you can truly relax over a good meal with friends?

    This is in my top 3 tiny homes I’ve seen. I would like to combine a few elements of others with tons of storage etc.

    I’m so so sorry about your losses. I’ve got a dog who is truly my best friend and I would want to die along with her.

    Best of luck.

  6. Janet Sturgill

    This is devasting news about her horses and dog. I just can’t believe someone can be so cruel, but then on the other hand…some crazy people out there. I saw this show yesterday and was so impressed with her home and decor. The thought of having her dogs and horses close made me so happy for her. Then I read what happened.
    I hope someone buys your beautiful home soon. Again so sorry for what happened.

  7. Shirley

    I was so hoping she could take her tiny home, and relocate to a safe place with her remaining animals. So sad she has to sell this darling house. My very best wishes for her to find a peaceful place.

  8. Delrene

    This sweet home sweet home is just so beautiful. The circumstances of her selling make me so sad. I’m so very upset no arrest has been made. I understand why she would want to leave. It is just a gorgeous home. I hope she can move forward. I hate what happened to her animals and to her. A tragedy. I hope it sells quickly. Wish I could buy it. I’d run away with my pets and live in it forever.

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