Just a thought… maybe for you mothers out there…

As I’m getting my feet back underneath me… I find myself listening to a lot more music, like I used to.

One of the anthems I have on my playlist is: Train – Drops of Jupiter

Do you remember this song?  I bet if you listened to it, you would.

Anyway, I learned that he wrote this after a dream he had about his mother, right after she passed.   In this dream, she was floating in a and around all of the planets while talking to him…   He wrote “Drops of Jupiter” for her after that dream.

I don’t have any kids.  But if I did, I think this would be the ultimate gift.

If you research the song, he talks about certain verses.  He tells of having 5 hour phone conversations with her while he was on the road and she was in chemo.  As I listen to the lyrics, over and over, I just feel this is such a remarkable and wonderful gift to give to any mother.  A song all about her.

But then again, in reality, she gave the song to him.  An outstanding gift.  …Made her kid famous beyond his dreams.

Isn’t that all so perfect?!

You can listen and watch here.

Click to listen and watch

On Another Note

And here’s a photo of Norma Jean and Rocky, just to add some horsey to this.  They came into the barn during these epic rainstorms we’ve been having in California.  This year, Norma is 30 years old!  I’ve had her since she was 2.  Hard to believe…

A wet Rocky and Norma Jean.



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