I would love to have this young, mustang riding mare.

Isn’t she pretty?  Miss E.  A beautiful, 2014, ranch trained, mustang mare.  For me, I’d take this horse a million times… sure footed, goes happily where pointed, uphills, downhills…

For me, who loves to trail ride and off-road on my horse, these kinds of balanced, sure footed, been there/done that kind of horses are just my style.

Watch her video!  She does it all.  (And the ranch is gorgeous, too!)

Click image to watch Miss E’s video

WATCH MISS E’S VIDEO! – no affiliation but I wish I did!

I tried to lift stills from the video, but they aren’t as crisp and beautiful as in the video…it is always better to watch the video.  I swear, in the end when they are covering ground at the ranch, It looks like she has an amazingly comfortable, floaty, smooth trot, too!

Click to watch the video



Montgomery Creek Ranch  is a (gorgeous) wild horse refuge that does a terrific job of patiently training, from start to finish, a few chosen mustangs a year.  They have a perfect training facility on their vast acreage – with no pressure.

They aren’t in the business of training mustangs.  They don’t need turnover or percentages.  But If they see an opportunity for a captive mustang to become a good citizen horse – they will give that horse the opportunity – however long it takes.

Now it is Miss E’s chance to get noticed.  I’d adopt her in a heartbeat.  Not just because she is pretty and looks great, but because I know she’s been trained completely and well.


If I had the powers, I would have as many captive mustangs beautifully trained – as possible.  I’d have a Mustang Registry and I’d create all kinds of new ways to be involved with your mustang… from liberty to trail walking to tricks… whatever they can do, I’d have a way to do it – and have fun while doing it.

I really feel that there is a horse out there for everyone – and there is any amount of things that one can do with their horse, other than the conventional showing.  Pick what you and your horse love to do, and just do it.

And it you happen to save a mustang, thank you.


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