Candi Cane Cooper (gifted animal communicator) is a friend of Horse and Man.  So when I was asked to review her new book, AFTERLIFE OF ANIMALS, I was excited because I know her work!

(Candi helped me through my recent (shocking) loss of Dodger.)

Luckily, I was sent an advance paperback copy (because I am lousy at Kindle) and I read it continuously until I had finished the entire book.  One sitting.  I couldn’t stop.

While reading, I felt very empathetic to the stories of loss… curious to hear from animals who had passed… and felt warmed and very comforted by the comments from the animals.

Truly.  If you are in pain over the loss of a pet –  please get this book.

If you’ve lost a pet and still think of them often, this book will be of great comfort.  Or, if you are just curious where our pets go after death… get this book.  It isn’t expensive and you can pre-order it today to be delivered when it is released in 2 weeks.  (No affiliation other than the book they sent to me)

I think it will absolutely give you the relief you need.  And, it will absolutely fill your heart with hope.

Click here to find the book on Amazon.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Oh Sarah… I’m so sorry. Yes, I so hope this book helps you. The animals are validated.

  2. Sarah

    Thank you – very very much. I am ordering this book. I have been unable to move past the loss of first my forever heart horse (twisted intestine) plus my (very old) Jack Russell within the same 24 hour period two summers ago. As if that wasn’t enough, my husband passed a few months after that so grief has become a long-time constant companion. I’m hoping the book will lift some of that burden – because so-called “faith” teachings simply have not, apparently because most religions don’t seem to think animal lives are worth any grief at all.

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