How do you feel about the Chinese dog meat market?

One of our longtime readers who runs ACTIVE RIDING TRIPS (don’t tempt me, I wanna give her all of my money and run off to Europe to ride horses…), sent this email to me.  Please check out her website – and if you sign up for any of her trips, I’m envious and PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS and share!

I try to stick to horse causes, but I know the dog meat industry really upsets many of us, so I thought I’d post this opportunity, for those interested.


I’m wondering if there is any room (or if it’s at all appropriate) in your blog to share the mission of a 501(c)3 called No Dogs Left Behind?  I get it, it’s dogs and not horses, but as we are all dog people, I thought I’d ask anyway – no harm, right?

No Dogs Left Behind.

Let me just be clear up front – I found this group last June when I was looking for a Golden Retriever for my parents.  Back then, you couldn’t find a golden retriever (or any dog) anywhere.  I looked in shelters all over the USA, I called 5 breeders, I contacted rescues – there were literally NO dogs……and I was looking for an adult dog as my parents don’t want a puppy.  It was incredible…..but as you likely know, many adopted a COVID dog.

So I found this group and they had a lovely 4yo (now 5yo) Golden.  The glitch – they are in China……sigh.  I researched them locally and globally, I read a gazillion reviews and I chatted remotely with them and asked all manner of questions.  For example, IF we adopted a dog in June, the flight backlog due to COVID was about 6 months… I needed to be sure that if anything happened to the dog prior to arrival to the USA, my investment ($1,500.00) would be protected.

The more I researched them the more I watched their videos – it’s horrible what these dogs were subject to in China – the more I felt that we really needed to adopt Kate.  I just thought that if we could save her, it would open up space for them to rescue more.  The founder, Jeff Beri, is American and his story is actually quite interesting and he is so incredibly committed to his mission.

Click image to go to website

Anyway, I’m rambling, so sorry…….I was writing to see if you might consider a blog post on them as they are now desperately trying to raise funds to get 175 dogs on flights to the USA.  China has locked down due to COVID, so the transports are more expensive than normal and they are desperate.  All these dogs have either been adopted or have fosters waiting – including my sweet girl Kate (we’ve actually named her Kate Spade as one of my initial questions was to find out if she was spayed – which then just sort of stuck once we knew she was – it made us laugh).

I’ve been sharing the posts and updates like crazy on Twitter and on Facebook but they want to get these dogs on flights at the end of January, so I’m trying to “think outside the box” to see if others might be interested.

Here is their main page for  fundraising.

Here is my personal page for fundraising

Click image to help Stacy in her fundraising.

And in case you have any interest, here’s (attached) our sweet Kate, a total love…..if not well fed….

Many of my friends have helped a ton by donating $10-25, and as you know, all of it helps.

But either way – please please please keep on keeping on with all the good info in the blog!  I truly look forward to it!

Thanks Dawn.

Video linked here.

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  1. Calvin48

    I have been donating for several years to ASPCA International. They go into countries that have dog meat farms, purchase and destroy them, and help the former owners of these operations find another way to make a living. Many of the dogs on these farms are sent to Canada and the US for adoption.

  2. Bunny

    And that’s not all. People buying so-called “fake fur” garments or garments trimmed with “fake fur” – if the garment is sourced, processed or packaged in any of the far east Asian countries (read: CHINA) you are buying a garment trimmed or made with dog fur. Trust me you do not want to know how that fur is harvested. Between the genocide of one part of China’s population, the health concerns stemming in one way or another from China, the electronic device “spying” evidence (and no, that’s not conspiracy theory), the human rights violations across the board, the treatment of all animals in China, the China aggression outside of its own recognized territories – why on earth does the US continue to have anything to do with China? Rhetorical question because the clear answer is money. Money underwrites the suffering. The money trail needs to stop.

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