HORSE AND MAN’S little giveaway!

I order and read a lot of books about horses.

Actually, I order a lot of books about horses and they sit on my nightstand…  But, I do end up reading the shorter ones.  ;)

Right now, I have a very small stack (compared to the Cat in the Hat pile on my nightstand) of already read horse books.  I didn’t want to sell them or give them to charity, so I decided to ask if any of you kind readers would like to read any of these books.  If so, I’ll send them to you, free of charge of course.

So, if you’d like any of these books (one per customer, please),  just comment or email me ( and I’ll put your name in the hat for each book.  I will contact you if I pull out your name and then you can give me your mailing address (within the 50 States, please).  Or, if there are no other requests for the book you want, it is yours!

If this works out, I will periodically list books to share.




1)  TOLD UNDER A WHITE OAK TREE  (William S Hart, J. Montgomery Flagg)

This is the rather politically incorrect book I wrote about (linked here) which is written from the point of Bill Hart’s pinto pony, Fritz.  He was the first famous stunt horse in the early 20s.

If you are into stunt horses or old Westerns, this might be fun for you.  It is a very small book.  Easy, quick read.



This is a sweet little book that explores what happened to all of those in the periphery of Seabiscuit.  You learn about his offspring, his grooms, the jockeys, the Howard family… And, what touched me was that the author knew Seabiscuit because his very first job as a teenager was at the Howard ranch.

I found this very sweet and an easy, light read.  The author exerts his opinion, since he was there…, and I liked that.




I thought this was hysterical and totally right on!  Sutherland applies the training techniques used for aquatic animals to her family.  Very fun.

Also of note, this book started as a brief news article.  There were so many hits on the day the article ran, it went viral.  Thus the book was born!


4)  LITTLE BLACK, A PONY  (Walter Farley, author of THE BLACK STALLION)

This is a sweet kids book.  If you have any youngins, this is a great way to get them addicted to horses YOUNG!


5)  KICKED, BITTEN, AND SCRATCHED  (Amy Sutherland, again)

I liked the Shamu book so much, I ordered her next book.  This one is about what she learned while auditing at MOORPARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE’S SCHOOL FOR EXOTIC ANIMAL TRAINERS.

At first, I thought this book would be hilarious like her previous book.  But, it wasn’t set  up that way…  So, once I got over that part, I found the stories of what it is like to really exist with exotic animals… This book isn’t all smiles.  It tells it like it is.

I did enjoy it because I always like ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.  And, to be honest, I never considered where zoos and animal parks find ‘trainers’ or ‘handlers’.  Now I know!


6)  WHAT ANIMALS TELL ME  (Sonya Fitzpatrick)

Sonja has her own show on Animal Planet.  I’ve also written about her interview with stuntman Tad Griffiths (linked here).

If you like to read about animal communication, this is for you!


7)  COWBOY MAGAZINE  (I have several current issues)




So, if you’d like any of these, just let me know!  HAPPY READING!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Amy

    Been wanting to read Told Under A White Oak Tree since you posted about it awhile back!

  2. Laugh N Jac

    Hat for Seabiscut please!!! Great idea by the way!!! If I win maybe you could draw the next name and send the info along with the book and I will send it to it’s next destination when I’m done : ) Thank you for sharing……..

  3. nancy

    And if you truly have a “Cat in the Hat” pile it explains why we’ve been friends for a lotta years.

  4. Maggie

    I would love the book on Seabiscuit, I read the one about him but would love to read about the rest of his life on the farm and his babies. Thanks. Once read, I would let others read it but would always keep it for my collection.

  5. Riah J

    Hi There- Could you please put my name in for the Walter Farley book. My 6 year old daughter would love to have it. Thank you!

  6. Jody

    Well it looks like Seabiscuit is quite popular, and I would love to have, so put my name in the hat for: “TOLD UNDER THE WHITE OAK TREE”.

    Now sure how this works, and I know you said one per family, which is good….but if it is allowed can I have my name in both hats, and if my name is drawn from one, then I am deleted from the second? Just wondering, because BOTH these books would be nice to read.

    Thank you

  7. nancy

    How about I send YOU a book – a young person’s book called “BlueGrass Champion/Harlequin Hullabaloo – the story of a paint horse who was 5 gaited but rejected because of his paint color. A great kid’s book. I loved it when I was young. I’ll mail it if you can stand one more book!!!!

  8. Indi Randol

    Nice collection of books :-) could you stick my name in the hat for any of the magazines, Shamu and/or Little Black?

    When I was a little girl I had a book that I’m unable to locate now called Doodlebug about a horse crazy girl who saved all of her money to buy a “black stallion” and ended up with a little bedraggled black pony (who of course turned out to be a once well loved and cared for show pony). If anyone comes across that one I’d gladly buy it from them :-)

  9. Riah J

    Could you please put my name for the Walter Farley book. I have a 6 year old that would love it. Thank you!

  10. Ritambhara Tyson

    I think I read all the Walter Farley books growing up and I do have grandkids now that haven’t yet showed much interest in my horses. :( So, I would love your Black Pony book to read to them (and me)

  11. Kim Shifflett

    Hope this isn’t a dup, but nothing happened when I clicked on “submit comment”? Please put me in the hat for the Little Black book. Thanks!!

  12. Cheryl Tursi

    Please put me in the hat for the Seabiscuit story or “Kicked, Bitten and Scratched”. Thanks so much.

  13. Deborah Carlino

    Love your blog. I would love to own a horse but just don’t have the time to give the animal the attention that it deserves. I hope to one day, though and until then, I live vicariously through the ownership of my niece’s rescued quarterhorse Rusty ( who if I do say so myself, is a wonderful steed) and now I’ve discovered your blog. Love to hear about the everyday stuff of your horse “children”. Anyway, other than the children’s book, I would be interested in any of your titles, especially the Seabiscuit one. I too have some horse books. Maybe you could facilitate a little library. (As if you don’t have enough to do:) I would be happy to add to your list and mail off to any who are interested. I hate to throw away books!

  14. peg

    I have a couple of those books,but if you’d put my name in the hat for the Walter Farley,or the Shamu I’d appreciate it.. Or the Seabiscut one..

  15. Deborah Slagle

    Please put me in the “hat” for the Seabiscuit book!
    This is SO nice of you!

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