Hey, no more of the “I’m too old” excuse… 67-year-old Mary Burger wins 4 straight in Calgary Stampede barrel racing!

Did you read about this remarkable woman today?

She’s leading at the Calgary Stampede in Barrel Racing at 67 years old!!!

Yes, she’s been doing it all her life – but I think that’s the point.  She keeps doing it.  She didn’t quit.

Slow and steady wins the race – or something like that – since barrel racing is fast.  Maybe the adage has to do with wisdom and ‘been there, done that’ in life and on horses.

I don’t know but I’m in awe.

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Mary Burger is on her way to the barrel racing finals at the Calgary Stampede after taking first place for the fourth time on Monday. She also happens to be 67 years old.

“When I was little I had perthes disease [a hip joint condition] and my dad bought me a pony and that was my transportation until I was 10,” Burger said. “Then he bought me a young horse and I trained it for barrel racing and I just rode ever since.”

The cowgirl has been getting standing ovations at the Stampede after becoming a fan favourite.

“It’s amazing, I’ve never had a standing ovation. I guess there was two or three of them, so I guess it’s overwhelming that the crowd likes you that well,” said the humble Oklahoman.

Mo, the other half

She’s also not getting too preoccupied with the pressures of the competition, saying she just takes it “one run at a time.”

The other half of her team, Mo, is a seven-year-old horse who’s “very talented and he likes to show off a little bit when he’s warming up some times.”

“He bucks up in the air whenever he feels good and takes off running and shows off in front of people,” Burger said.

“And he may flip his tail and kind of bounce around, just when he feels like it. When he does that, usually I’ll just go back and stand 10 minutes and he’ll settle down. He’s just a little immature yet.”

She said there’s no secret to her success — she just goes through the routine of the race with Mo, and hopes for a good run.

‘I really don’t worry about it’

Burger will be in the finals on Sunday, vying for the top prize, but she’s not letting that faze her either. While waiting for the competition, she’ll either head to a friend’s place, or just hang around the city while waiting for a package to arrive.

Mo, for his part, will likely get some alfalfa as a treat while they wait.

And when it finally comes time to race around the barrels, she’ll remain grounded.

“I really don’t worry about it, I just go out and try to make another great run,” she said.

“It would be awesome. The money’s great.”


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“My horse is pretty-good at standing up, but you never know. The basic thing is to not slip and slide around.”

Thankfully, Burger said Mo has proven himself on tough ground at past rodeos, and she knew Mo was ready for the tough ground at Calgary.

“I just try to not fret about it. Mo’s is pretty sure footed and his style helps him.“

On Day 1, Burger sailed to the top of the leaderboard with a time of 17.46 seconds. Throughout all four go-rounds, Burger maintained her lead in the first Pool of contestants. And in the fourth and final go-round, Burger shaved her time down to 17.33 seconds – which capped-off the pool, and gave her a cool total of $22,000 to put towards her name in the WPRA standings.

After Monday’s go-round, Burger and her fellow top four contestants from Pool A, advance into Showdown Sunday, for their chance at the $100,000 grand prize. Contestants, who haven’t qualified for Sunday, receive a second chance to run for the big payout, on Wild Card Saturday.

Pool A Results:
1. Mary Burger, Pauls Valley, OK, $22,000
2. Ivy Conrado, Hudson, CO, $13,000
3. Kelly Schnaufer, Pueblo, CO, $10,500 Jessie
4. Taylor Jacob, Carmine, TX, $8,000 Madonna
5. Julie Leggett, Kamloops, BC, $6,000
6. Mary Walker, Ennis TX, $4,000
7. Sarah Rose McDonald, Brunswick, GA, $2,500
8. Fallon Taylor, Collinsville, TX, $2,500
9. Cassidy Kruse, Gillette, WY, $1,500
10. Megan Swint, Lithia, FL, $0

Pool B Competitors:
Jackie Ganter, Abilene, TX
Vickie Carter, Richfield, UT
Lisa Lockhart, Oelrichs, SD
Callahan Crossley, Hermiston, OR
Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, UT
Cayla Melby, Burneyville, OK
Deb Guelly, Okotoks, AB
Brittney Paige Willis, Bristol, FL
Michele McLeod, Whitesboro, TX
Nancy Csabay, Taber, AB


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