HEY ALBUQUERQUE! THE MINE THAT BIRD MOVIE: ’50 TO 1′ is opening in your home town MARCH 21ST!

So the cover of this month’s COWBOYS AND INDIANS MAGAZINE is a shot from the upcoming movie, ’50 to 1′ – the story of Mine That Bird and his road to the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

This is the cover of my Cowboys and Indians Magazine with '50 to 1' on the cover.
This is the cover of my Cowboys and Indians Magazine with ’50 to 1′ on the cover.

DID you watch Mine That Bird win the Kentucky Derby in 2009?

Did you watch the replay of it?

If you didn’t, you need to…

Click this link to watch the video of the 2009 Derby:

Click link to watch Mine that Bird win the Kentucky Derby!

Click link to watch Mine that Bird win the Kentucky Derby!


The veteran race announcer retired after this Derby because he felt so badly for the way he called it – totally missing Mine That Bird coming up on the inside – from dead last – to pass everybody.

I cry every single time I watch the rerun.


Such a David and Goliath story.

Veteran jockey, Calvin Borel, riding the heck out of that horse!

Veteran jockey, Calvin Borel, riding the heck out of that horse!  Look at the face on that boy!

Famous win photo from the 2009 Derby.  Look how far ahead the 'nobody horse' finished!

Famous win photo from the 2009 Derby. Look how far ahead the ‘nobody horse’ finished!


Such a great shot of Calvin Borel. Can you imagine the thrill he was feeling just then?


We all saw ‘Secretariat’ even though we knew the outcome.

We all loved ‘Secretariat’.

This ’50 to 1′ story is different… because it wasn’t a rivalry between two winners…

The odds were 50 to 1.

50 to 1!!

NOBODY knew this horse and nobody was rooting for him.

When the bell rang and the horses were off, Mine That Bird was running in L-A-S-T place.

Mine That Bird was a true underdog.

That is why you have to see this movie.  Watching the underdog win never gets old.

(Oh, and Calvin Borel plays himself in the movie.  For that alone, to watch him ride up close and personal, would be worth it to me!  The horse playing MIne That Bird is a Canadian TB named Sunday Rest.  Yay for him and I’ll write about Sunday Rest later…).

I grabbed this still from the trailer because I loved how the horse is misbehaving in the background!  Click image to watch the trailer!

I grabbed this still from the trailer because I loved how the horse is misbehaving in the background! Click image to watch the trailer!


Besides the fact that the story is great and the video moves me to tears every time I watch it… I read in the COWBOYS AND INDIANS MAGAZINE article that the Director is releasing the movie himself.

He had to put up the money because no studio would back it – why?…Because they said that we all know the outcome…

Just like we did for the ‘Secretariat’ movie.

Oy.  It isn’t the ending… it is the GETTING THERE that is the tear jerker!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget, the last time they didn’t help Producer Jim Wilson, he cleaned up at the Oscars with DANCES WITH WOLVES.

So, go see it, Albuquerque… and then Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas!  Look it up and see where it is playing!

HOLLYWOOD, CA — “50 to 1,” the new major motion picture about Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird, opens theatrically in roll-out fashion beginning in New Mexico March 21, followed by Texas and Louisiana April 4, Oklahoma and Arkansas April 11, Tennessee and Kentucky April 18, and will then expand across the country, says producer, director, co-writer and racehorse owner Jim Wilson, Oscar®-winning producer of “Dances With Wolves.”

LOOK FOR IT in your town!

LOOK FOR IT in your town!

Here is Mine That Birds Facebook Page to follow him and the movie!

newruleI have another piece of jewelry to offer to help pay MT’s hospital bill.

This one has a story…  My Sundance necklace.


My Sundance (heartbreak) necklace... 5 strands of high quality turquiose... that breaks my heart every time I look at it.

My Sundance (heartbreak) necklace… 5 strands of high quality turquiose… that breaks my heart every time I look at it.

Twelve years ago, I was flown out to Sundance Resort to meet with Robert Redford (he was on the  phone, not in the room) his son and the Board of Directors of his Sundance Brand.

This meeting  came about because of a chance meeting that I can say had to have the hand of God upon it.  You see, I accidentally met the man in charge of Marketing for Sundance and I just happened to open my mouth and tell him what I would do if it were my blah blah blah – and he liked what I said.

A week later, I was being flown to Utah to meet with them all and present to them.

It was dreamy.  I was flown first class, they put me up in their wonderful hotel… and, while there, I stopped into the quaint Sundance shop and purchased this necklace so “I would always remember this unbelievable happenstance and opportunity”.

However, I didn’t get the job.

And, it broke my heart.

You can imagine how cool and fantastic it was to be in that room, delivering my best stuff to them…

And they didn’t bite.  The job went to someone else.


I felt like I had so blown this wonderful opportunity…

And I’ve never been able to look at the necklace without feeling that disappointment.

However, the necklace isn’t to blame – it is of extremely high quality and lovely… and deserves a home where it will be worn and loved.

I paid $500 for this necklace.  I don’t have any of the papers anymore.  I just know it was handmade by Native Americans from top quality turquiose of several colors.

I am happy to sell it for MT to a more fitting and loving home for $299.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.01.13 PM

So, I keep it locked away… Better to sell it for MT and let it live outside of a box!

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  1. Gina Judd

    The DVD is supposed to be out in April 2015. I hope that is true, I’d love to see this movie.

  2. Gina Judd

    I really thought that the announcer made the whole 50 to 1 thing even better by not immediately realizing that it was Mine that Bird. It gave credence to the fact that no one thought that little horse would actually win. Plus he caught himself and I believe that a lot of what brings tears to my eyes every time I watch that race is the way he announced it. If its true this is why he retired, its a shame.

  3. Melissa

    I wish it was coming to Canada :( but sadly there is not enough interest for them to bring it up here! I will just have to wait for it to come out on DVD! As for the people against the industry please note that the horse that is playing Mine that Bird is an ex race horse who was retired to a chuck wagon team but because of his personality has now found himself in the movie industry and the film spot light! There are many in the industry who do everything in their power to find their horses forever homes!

  4. Linda Horn

    Dawn, I’ll consider supporting 50-to-1 if the producers and others involved in the film speak out about slaughter, drug and topical abuses, and over-breeding. Also second careers and other options for those who break down or don’t make the grade. Celebrate and educate!

  5. Annette

    Thanks for sharing the info about Mine That Bird. While I don’t follow horse racing, I admire the athleticism of the horses and their jockeys. It’s beautiful to see the horses fly! As you know, on YouTube, one video begets another. I watched Rachel Alexandra beat Mine That Bird! What a filly!!

  6. Yvette

    I can’t wait for this movie. A great story, wonderful cast. Should be fun!

  7. Beth Potkonicky Kredel

    I’m so looking forward to this movie and the bus tour to promote the film! Thanks for sharing it with your followers!

  8. sue carter

    I live in NM and wouldn’t cross the street to see this trash movie. Doc Blach is a Slaughter Advocate and will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of horses being slaughter for human consumption, if Funding is restored. No Thanks. Trash.

  9. Jeannean Sword

    Fantastic article! I have watched the trailer for “50 to 1” over and over!! I absolutely love it!! I am very excited to see this #feelgoodflick with #ChristianKane and #SkeetUlrich. #MineThatBird has already won my heart. I cannot wait to see this movie. We need more family movies like this. I am hoping to catch up to the #50to1Tour along the way too. I have sent in my email.

  10. Mary E Brewer

    Very excited about both #50to1 the movie and #50to1Tour… big fan of Christian Kane.. and Skeet Ulrich
    hoping to meet them both on the tour!! more info about movie and tour at http://www.50to1themovie.com!

  11. dawndi Post author

    LINDA… I am against slaughter as well. But, for me, this movie is about the horse. And, the more regular folks who fall in love with horses, the better for the horse in general.

  12. Linda Horn

    WON’T BE GOING unless the producers state they oppose racing’s “dirty little secret” – horse slaughter!!! They know racing well, and could hardly be ignorant of the fate of so many runners. Doc Blach, DVM and part owner of Mine That Bird, is a known slaughter advocate. Quote from the article: “The Belmont is the race we really wanted to go for from the beginning,” Blach said. “We just didn’t know we’d go the way of the Derby to get there. It’s no foregone conclusion he’s going to win. There’s some new meat in that race.” Maybe that’s a common term in the industry, but I won’t support anything or anyone who calls their bread and butter “meat”. Had Bird not made it to and won the Derby, he might very well have ended up on a plate. http://nypost.com/2009/05/21/bird-owner-wants-rematch-in-belmont/

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