Here’s the letter that won a small victory for the horses of Nevada…: Maybe it will work for your state!

I get the feeling that many of you feel a bit hopeless for the plight of the horses…

Either it is fighting to save the wild ones, fighting to save ours from slaughter, fighting to save the neglected … fighting fighting fighting.

I know, I hear you.

However, on this Friday, I would like to bring all of you this letter that actually got results… This letter was presented in person (via a small crowd) to the Governor of Nevada – in his office – and read aloud.

It took a month or so of conviction and tenacity.  But, after some time, the Governor actually helped his administration and the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign come to a compromise regarding the wild and estray horses.

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Click image to view website

You can read about it here.

Anyway, I asked the Chairperson of the AWHPC to please send me the letter she read to the Governor.  I thought it might help others get started in their own campaigns for the horse.

She obliged and said that ANYONE can use this letter as long as it is for the betterment of the plight of the horse.

So, here you go…  If you were wanting to write something but were stuck, here is a great template.  Also, go to their website for inspiration.  These folks are devoted!

Have faith.

Remember, for those we can save, it means everything.

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(Thank you, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign!)


January 4, 2013

Governor Sandoval

On behalf of all the wonderful people who took the time from their busy lives and holiday bustle to sign and send in their letters to you, I would like to convey their concern, frustration, and outrage with how our Nevada wild horses are being treated by those who have been tasked to manage them.

I stand here before you today to ask you to support and protect our Nevada horses.  They cannot speak for themselves so we are here to speak for them.  And we aren’t going away.

Actions taken by the Nevada Department of Agriculture have woken a sleeping giant – the many people who have for decades enjoyed, embraced, admired, and respected their neighbors – the wild horses of the Virginia Range.  And they aren’t going away.

The methods used to take up our horses and then dump them at the auction yard have caused public outrage.  Countless attempts by citizens to contact the NDoA to complain about its methods have gone unanswered.  But that doesn’t mean that we’re going away.

We came today to tell you that we’re here to stay.  We will continue to fight for our horses and we’ll ensure that the next generation does the same.  Because we’re not going away.

You have the power to make a difference.  To stop the mistreatment of our horses.  To reduce public safety issues.  To value the horses for what they represent now and can do for the state going forward.  To stifle any discussion regarding horse slaughter taking place in the State of Nevada.  To align the goals of the State with the goals of the voting public.  Because they’re not going away.

We encourage you to take action today to ensure our 41 horses being held at the prison here in Carson City do not go to auction next week and those and all future horses removed from the range be handed over to the care of advocates.  Because we’re not going away and our numbers are growing.

I would like to present to you the approximately 1,800 letters that were sent to you from across the state, the nation, and from around the world!  Please listen to what we have to say because we are willing to help and we have the knowledge.  All you need is a little faith – faith that good people can make a difference, that good people and horses mean something in Nevada.

Respectfully submitted

On behalf of all present and those whose hearts are here with us today

Shannon Windle, President

Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund

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When you feel overwhelmed or hopeless, take a deep breath, step back and remember Helen Keller.

I’m guessing she felt overwhelmed and hopeless a time or two, eh?

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Click image for the Bucket Fund - The Markdale 12!  (was Markdale 10 but 2 were added)

Click image for the Bucket Fund – The Markdale 12! (was Markdale 10 but 2 were added)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Shelley Sawhook

    Sometimes when we get so deep in the fight it seems like it is just us against, the Cattleman’s Association, the AQHA, the AVMA, the state, the federal government. Just lift your head up and you will see thousands struggling along side of you. We are here, and as the letter says, we aren’t going away. So, hang in there none of us are alone and the numbers are growing. We aren’t going away and eventually we are going to win.

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