Here’s a novel idea… a retirement home for the equine whose family has passed on…

Horses live longer than cats, they eat more and cost more to fix.


But, this story of the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats – A retirement home for felines who outlive their humans – is a great idea…

Would this work for equines?

Would humans, or do humans make lifelong (for the horse) bequests for their horses?  I have not heard of a Retirement home for Bequeathed Equines.  Have you?


Here is the original story.  And, here is the website of the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats.

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OK, SO THIS WOULD BE MUCH MORE COSTLY TO DO WITH HORSES… BUT… is there any model like this for out there?

I think this would be quite a nice offering for those interested in this service.  A retirement home for their horses who outlive them…  I would want that.  I often wonder who would take which of my horses if I suddenly passed.

Hubby and I have discussed it… but what would really happen after I was gone?

And, how would a setup like this maintain its operating costs…?  There would have to be a supplemental income stream.  Maybe an equine rehab barn or an equine medical service since there would have to be a vet on staff.  Maybe a therapeutic riding program.  I’m sure some of these horses would want a job…

Very interesting concept.

If the bequests were hefty enough, and the owners financially savvy, this could be a great and worthwhile idea.

I see from the Lincolnshire Trust website that they have this many employees:

The Trust operates from premises set in seven acres. The main buildings incorporate south facing accommodation for the retired residents , hospital facilities , operating room , isolation unit and two outside buildings for the cats awaiting new homes.

Jain is now the voluntary administrator and a trustee. The Trust employs a cattery Manager, Shop Manageress, a member of staff to run the retirement home, five part time members of staff, a book keeper and a veterinary surgeon. The Trust has also taken on two young people on the apprenticeship scheme and regularly takes on work experience students from local schools and colleges


There are several rescues out there (The Golden Carrot) that care for the older and special needs horses who no longer have human support.  These rescues work tirelessly to gain sponsors for these horses and to support them.

What I am wondering about is a very nice facility that caters to horses whose owner wants them to be cared for beautifully, after they have passed.

And then I thought… most people who are older and looking towards their last years, probably don’t have horses anymore.  I mean, that is something you think about as you get older… do I really want this horse or might this horse outlive me?

In any event, I love this idea.  I don’t know if it would be viable, but I love the idea.

And, I’m sure the endowment would have to be quite a bit more than they ask at the Lincolnshire Trust for cats.  They state:

There is a one off payment on admission, which currently stands at eight hundred and fifty pounds, thereafter the Trust bears the cost of all treatment and any surgery the cat may need in the future.

In the equine model, the chunk would have to be much, much larger.  But, if one has the money and the passion to want to make sure their horse is cared for in case of their passing, this is a great idea!

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  1. Pam
    Hi, Dawn,
    Here’s a place that’s associated with Texas A&M that takes in animals whose owners have passed away or are unable to care for them. They take large animals. Right now they have a llama!
    I first saw a story about this on the TV show Texas Country Reporter.
    It would be interesting to know if anyone has seen it in person and can tell us about it.

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