Have you heard about the stork who lives with her human, but her stork mate comes back every year to see her? Very Sweet Story!

A stork in Croatia was found wounded.  The human nursed her back to life… and created a nest for her on the roof of his house because her wing was no longer viable.

A few years later, a male stork showed up.

And he has been coming back every March 24th, since…

Click here to watch the short but sweet video of their lives together!

Click image to watch the sweet video.

THE APRIL BUCKET FUND KICKED OFF for sweet, baby Barbara!  She has operable wry-mouth and needs transportation funds to get to reach the specialist to perform her surgery in Tennessee.  You can read Barbara’s story here!

We have a great start, but we still need $2750 for transportation.  Can you help us get her to her life saving surgery?!  Click here to donate!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I had cued up this story before his arrival was due – but I did wonder… almost afraid to know. Glad you did the research for me.
    Yes, an amazing story and so glad she has found a new, younger man! Thank you!

  2. pkquest

    This is such an amazing story. It drew me to investigate further. You might already know that Klepetan did not make it back this year – the first time in 15 years. A younger male has taken his place tho on the nest with Malena. At first she pushed him off but eventually she accepted him. Klepetan apparently translates to Quack and Malena to small. Beautiful story. I love witnessing the depths that animals invest in each other. I’m not surprised and but always awed and touched.

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