HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE DOG, ARTHUR, battered and injured, he kept up with an elite racing team – to win a new home! YOU should watch this video. An AMAZING, TEAR-JERKING STORY! Perfect for a Sunday!

Oh my gosh!

I saw this video yesterday and was bawling by the end.  It is so heartwarming and amazing!

In a nutshell (but you must watch the video!), at the Adventure Racing World Championships (read: d-i-f-f-i-c-u-l-t) in Ecuador, the Swedish team found themselves being followed by a sick, wounded, mangey, scrappy dog they had met in camp – and fed.

The dog kept up for the entire race!  At one point, when sick and wounded now named Arthur was too tired to continue, the team gave up their food so that he could have their portions.  This action, plus caring for Arthur, made them fall out of the running for a top seed.

Eventually, Arthur and his team crossed the finish line in 12th place!

But at the finish line, the team learned that the dog they had come to admire, would be exterminated if left in Ecuador – as was the custom.

So, one of the team members arranged to fly Arthur the 6500 miles back to Sweden.

And a very sick Arthur did arrive in Sweden…  now you must watch the video to know the end!


Watch the video here!  It is worth it!  I cried in my coffee!!

The start

A dog walks into camp.

He was filthy with flies all over a wound on his back…

One of the team members fed the dog his meatballs.

The dog followed them after the lunch break.

This was a grueling race, but the dog kept up.

Sometimes he led

The team members grew to admire the scrappy dog. They named him, “Arthur” after King Arthur.

One of the team especially grew fond of Arthur.

At one point, when everyone was wiped out…

Arthur was the worst off. So, the team decided that instead of trying to win the race, they would prefer to give their remaining food to Arthur and cross the finish line whenever they crossed it… It was more important to help this amazing dog survive.

They all grew to love and respect Arthur during this grueling race.

But when it was time for the kayak portions, the race officials said that Arthur could not go on with the team.

But Arthur had other ideas and would not leave his team.

So they pulled the scrappy dog on board!

They all finished together. 12th place. But at the finish line, the team learned that stray dogs are exterminated in Ecuador.

So, the huge decision was made to fly Arthur 6500 miles back to Sweden.

Where he arrived, very, very ill.

But after 4 months of medical quarantine, Arthur and his human live happily.

Still hiking…

Working together…


And living…


Very happy, clever dog – and human. What a story.


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