A HAPPY STORY FOR THIS FRIDAY – at least happy for ME, personally…

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We are all probably a little guilty of looking up an old high school friend or grade school nemesis or maybe a past significant other … on the Web.

Well, for me, I sometimes search for the horses I’ve bred, trained and sold.

(My heart goes thunk every time I say that… ‘sold’.)

Actually, that was one of the (many) reasons I got out of the breeding and showing business… I couldn’t keep them all and I couldn’t control what happened to them after they left my purview.

Anyway, yesterday, while temporarily avoiding something I should have been doing, I hunted on the Web for my horse, Unfaithful.  She was Mama Tess’ 2nd foal – born in 1999.  I bred her, was there when she arrived, loved her, wiped her runny nose…, took her swimming, picked her trainer and sent her off to her career.  And, after she performed very well, I did what a breeder does… I sold her.

Gulp.  No matter how often or for whatever reasons or to whichever perfect person… it always hurt me to sell them.

So, I find myself hunting for them – hoping I find good news.

I had looked for Unfaithful (Ava) previously, but had lost touch after her third owner…

But on this day, I got lucky!

This is Ava at two weeks old, following her dam, Mama Tess.

This is Ava at two weeks old, following her dam, Mama Tess.

Tess and Ava

Ava … MT in the background.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.53.48 PM

Ava had hurt herself badly as a young filly… But luckily she recovered well.  She was always very kissy.

Ava loved to show!  We went to the World Championships and she won her division...

Ava loved to show! We went to the Morgan Grand Nationals and she won her division…

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.07.29 PM

And I did what breeders are supposed to do after their horse wins big… I sold her. I wouldn’t say I regretted it, but I am sad when I think of losing touch with her.


I found Ava in North Carolina – with a Morgan trainer.

So, I looked up their website and contacted him.

To my large surprise, he wrote back almost immediately!

This is what he said:

“Ava” is one of the lucky ones. I bought her 5 years ago and she has become my favorite horse. I hop on her and ride bareback with a halter and she’s a perfect gem. We give 60 lessons a week and a 10 year old fell in love with her so I sold them 1/2 interest. Ava is the love of her life. She takes lessons on her 3 times a week and the two of them have taken many blues in equitation and pleasure at class A shows this past year.

The 10 Yr Old researched her and showed me pics of her dam and pics of Ava as a foal. At the Southern States Regional show last May, she rode Ava and gave a speech about baking Ava her favorite cookies and ended up Youth of the Year!

I’m so pleased you contacted me, I can’t tell you how much joy she has brought to all of us, and all because you had the forsight to create her.


I will see the young girl this evening for a lesson , could I give her your email address? she would be thrilled to hear about Ava in the beginning and to know about her dam.

If you have any pics of her dam I would appreciate seeing them as well. I will find a recent pic of Ava and forward.

Jim Paden


And today, I received 7 emails from the little 10 year-old girl who is riding Ava.  I was so happy my heart was singing!  Yes!  My girl had landed very well.  Read this very cute email!

Dear Ms. Diovera,
Hello! This is the incredibly happy half owner of Ava who couldn’t imagine a better horse EVER!) Jim told us yesterday at my lesson, that you had contacted him. He also showed me the pictures on your blog (most of which I have already seen while stalking my horse on the Internet :D) and asked me to write to you! So, here I am! These are some pictures that I have found, where I don’t look like a total dork (this type of picture is very rare).

They  look great together!

They look great together!


Ava was always a very happy show horse… she is still very happy! A really nice rider suitability here!


Very Nice… (and is that a proud Papa in the background??)


My heart was singing!!

This little girl wrote to me 7 times today and I wrote back 7 times!  She asked me all about Mama Tess and all of her babies.  She asked about Ava’s father (DFM KEEP THE FAITH) and Ava’s full brother (Bellorazzo).

She then asked to see pics of all of Ava’s brothers and sisters.  So, I sent as many as I could.  I also told her about Ava’s baby and sent a pic of her, too, because Ava’s third owner (Copper Beech) had sent it to me.

And then she told me how much she loved Wrigley’s photos.

I told her that Wrigley was very special and very talented.  She told me that she thought he was really cute and loved him – again.

I told her that if she worked really hard at horsemanship and all that that means… and if she was excited about the Park division, and all that that means…. and if the stars aligned… well, you just never know…

I will sleep tonight with a smile on my face.

Our January Bucket Fund horses rescued from horrendous conditions!!  Please read their story here!

Our January Bucket Fund horses rescued from horrendous conditions!! Please read their story here!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    KD: I’m not surprised. Mama Tess’ very famous Morgan Sire, Noble Flaire, was always rumored to be the get of a Saddlebred dam (even though there
    was blood-typing at the time).

  2. KD Huff

    Couldn’t be a better result! I’m SO happy for you and Ava! For some reason, I always thought Tess was an American Saddlebred. Have fun catching up with Ava and her little girl. :)

  3. Laurie

    Dawn what a great entry for today!!
    I know you are proud and full of joy to know she is being loved!
    That is the most important thing!
    Thank you for letting us all feel like proud mamas!
    Have a great weekend

  4. Delrene

    This was the tonic we all needed. A HAPPY, HAPPY HORSE AND 10 YEAR OLD GIRL. After the grotesque week in loss of life both human and equine. This is what it should always be. The picture you have of her prancing behind her Mom is the most beautiful photo. She ( and her Mom) are just gorgeous. What a showy girl!!!! Love it. She loves what she does and has apparently only known love and kindness and excellent care her entire life. Thanks Dawn, I be you won’t stop smiling all day!!!! Such good news.

  5. Amy M

    This makes me smile. What is it they say… “every horse deserves, at least once in its life, to be loved by a little girl.” So glad that your Ava is one of the lucky ones. :)

  6. dawndi Post author

    OMG!!! If you can ever go over there, please whisper in Ava’s ear that MT and I miss her
    and are very, very proud of her.

  7. Barbara Wood

    The most fabulous story ever! I am so thankful you shared it with us. Ava is gorgeous! MT would be so proud! Weekend hugs.

  8. Deborah Slagle

    Ava lives across the street from a barn I used to work at!!
    What a SMALL WORLD!! I’m so glad you were finally able to find her and that she is doing so well-
    HAPPY DAY indeed!
    Kisses for Mama Tess from just up the road from Ava!

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