GO OUT AND GET THE BOOK, “LAST CHANCE MUSTANG” by Mitch Bornstein. A GREAT read for any horseman, especially mustang lovers!

I was sent a copy of this book (Thank you, Karlyn) and I LOVED IT!

There are almost two distinct books within this book.  The first part is the story of the horse and man…  The second part is a well researched and documented thesis on the relationship between the BLM and the mustang.

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For me, this true story of a BLM stallion who was ‘untrainable’ and about to be sent down the road… who happened to meet up with a very patient and loving horseman… and the struggles… and the pain… and the hopelessness for both horse and human… and then the SUCCESS!  Well, this book is totally inspirational.

The second story within this book is the history of the relationship between the BLM and the mustang.

Bornstein is the first author I have read that actually comes right out and says it in a totally documented, thorough, researched, exacting and measured way.

If you want to bolster a campaign for the mustangs, read this book and take good notes.  All the BLM facts needed to back up your drive for the plight of the mustangs is in this book.


For all of us who strive to connect with our horses, this book helps those of us who have difficult and turned-off horses.

Just like HEALING SHINE (by Michael Johnson, an all time fav), Last Chance Mustang brings us through the trias and tribulations of long-term commitment to a damaged soul.  Actually, this would probably work as a read for anyone who deals with damaged souls…


OK, well, the BLM treatment of the mustangs has always upset me.  But, the issue I have is that often, advocates become too emotional while delivering the message so that message becomes lost.

This book has all the documentation without too much emotion.  It is there in black and white.  Easy to use, easy to quote.  If you are mounting a campaign, get this book and read it with your highlighter.  (Bornstein is a legal consultant…)

The author and his muse, Samson... Click image to read a Chicago Tribune review of the book!

The author and his muse, Samson… Click image to read a Chicago Tribune review of the book!


You can get this on Amazon (Please use your H&M Smile account if possible) or Barnes and Noble.

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We’ll see if we get it…  If so, I’ll be sure to post it here!

The author is a regular working guy, like you and me. He did this without living with the horse. Dedication and commitment. And faith.

The author is a regular working guy, like you and me. He did this without living with the horse. Dedication and commitment. And faith.


Last Chance Mustang is the story of Samson, a formerly free-roaming, still wild-at-heart American mustang that was plucked from his mountainous Nevada home and thrown into the domestic horse world where he was brutalized and victimized. After years of abuse, Samson had evolved into a hateful and hated, maladjusted beast until the day he found his way to a rural Illinois farm, an ill-equipped owner, and one last chance. Mitch Bornstein’s task was to tame the violent beast whose best defense had become offense. He had twenty years of experience fixing unfixable horses, but Samson would be his greatest challenge. Through the pair’s many struggles and countless battles, Samson would teach Mitch about the true power of hope, friendship, redemption and the inspiring mettle of the forever wild and free American mustang.

Last Chance Mustang explains Samson’s violent and antisocial behavior while addressing the remedial techniques employed to remedy these issues. The art of working with damaged horses is demystified. Though his story is sad, the reader is asked to respect Samson–not pity him. He has good and bad days, and he has a dark side. Like all of us, Samson is far from perfect. And his saga will move the reader to both tears and laughter. Part history lesson, part training manual, and part animal narrative, Samson’s is a story that all readers will be able to relate to: a story of survival, of trust, and ultimately, finding love.



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  1. Barbara Warner

    I hope this book will help save our wild horses and it’s not too late.

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