GENIUS. Horse owners are squealing all over the place! Hotcakes, I tell ya, Hotcakes! THE HORSE’S GLASS.

GENIUS.  Horse owners are squealing all over the place!  Hotcakes, I tell ya, Hotcakes!  THE HORSE’S GLASS.

I hesitated writing this because the Horse’s Glass FB page says that in the last 24 hours since she released this photo, she has been overwhelmed with orders.  She (Marci) says she has a ‘day job’ and she does this for fun… and never expected the huge outpouring of orders when someone picked up this pic and passed it around yesterday.


She got so many orders, she had to shut down and think about how she could fulfill them all.

(I see a NEW day job in her future…)

Too cute! (No affiliation)

Too cute! (No affiliation)


I can see why her fresh designs are so compelling… They are novel, resemble something we love and the right price!   I immediately clicked to see what else she had…

This was the opening line on the HORSE’S GLASS FB page:

Chardon-neigh? Caber-neigh? Just send me a photo of your horse to and you’ll be sipping from a Horse’s Glass like no one else’s. Be a hit at the next barn party, horse show, or hunt club with your own pony holding your wine for you. As we all know, no one forgets a Horse’s Glass! Glasses are $35 each plus shipping. Contact me today to order yours!

This kills me!

This kills me!


I scrolled down her FB page and found this:

Welcome to The Horse’s Glass. Everyone of these glasses are hand painted portraits of your horse! Glasses are 35$ plus shipping and because each piece takes the same amount of time and love I do not offer a discount, it is the same price weather you order one or ten. I am located in Texas and am happy to ship anywhere. Shipping it Australia and UK should be between 60 to 80 USD and Canada for 40 to 50 USD.

At this time there is a 2 to 3 month wait till your piece would be shipped and as more orders come in of course this time will be pushed out. I currently except checks and will have paypal soon. Payment is not due until I am finished with your horse. You will receive a photo of the finished glass before I ship. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Look at the ears on this one!


A mare for sure.


I love the pink nose and how the legs are positioned!


I have no affiliation with Marci.  I’ve never met her or spoken with her… but to me, these are charming.

She seems to capture the essence of the horse in a cartoony way.  I love the eyelashes or devilish look… Very fun!


This fuzzy one just slays me!


I love the round rump!


One brown, one blue.


Look at the fuzzy inside the ears!


Love the crazy forelock and spots!


Steady Eddie.

Love them. A new and novel item. Yay!

Love them. A new and novel item. Yay!

This was on Wednesday - they say she is more active at night.  She is loving, eager to live and eating like a... horse!  Click to donate through the Bucket Fund!

This was on Wednesday – they say she is more active at night. She is loving, eager to live and eating like a… horse! Click to donate through the Bucket Fund!

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  1. Dana Benjamin

    Those are the cutest thing I have ever seen. Being in real estate and looking for cute gift ideas for my clients, I just might need to make some of these.

  2. Victoria Frederick

    I make these as well, search for Equwine Hand Painted Glasses on Facebook! It’s my fun hobby!

  3. Aggie L.

    They are magnificent! I say just take your time and not stress just enjoy. Just let people know it will take a while. I certainly would be willing to wait for this beautiful piece. Great talent!

  4. Kaufman

    We ordered one last June (2015) and STILL have not received it!!!!!

  5. Jessica Doss

    Could you please tell me how to order one of these I would like to get the one brown one blue for my mom for Mother’s Day but I don’t see a place to put in an order

  6. Amanda

    Ah, so awesome! Telling the husband now! Coming soon to a curio cabinet in my house. They look great!

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