Fergus showed up on my FB account yesterday…

Click to go to Fergus’ FB page!


I love horse cartoons and I knew this image was familiar…but I didn’t know much.

I decided to explore this a bit.

So I clicked on the image and…


Fergus has his own FB page!


-Especially if you have time on a Sunday to look over all the cartoons and get lost in equine comics!

Which is exactly what I did…


YUP. I have one of these at home..


Unfortunately, the website is under construction.  But, there was this great photo of Fergus and his author, Jean Abernethy.

OMG. I loved this! This photo makes me want to have Jean over for dinner!


I then noted that the MUSEUM OF THE HORSE (online museum) has purchased the rights to display Fergus.  Here is that link.

The Museum of the Horse had this nice bio.



Finally, I figured out that Fergus’ author, Jean Abernethy, is an illustrator and she has her own website, distinct from Fergus.

(However, Fergus does have a tab on her website…, of course.)

I had hoped to find a book of the Fergus comic strips but I didn’t find one.  So, I think for now, until his website is up, one needs to scroll through his FB pages or look on the above link for his Museum of the Horse display.

Very amusing as I have Fergus in just about every one of my horses – in some way or another…

I bet you do, too!




uh huh




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jean Abernethy

    Oh my goodness! This was published September 9th, and I have just found it! Thank you! First of all, I am intrigued by this website! Very nice! (fascnitated by the LG bridles — the wee wheels are a brilliant concept. Makes me want to try one, though Fergus is something of a skeptic, Im afraid)

    So much has happened since this post! Fergus’s “likes” on facebook have more than doubled, and are now over 36,000. Fergus has been featured twice on Neighbors on-line radio live chat with DJ Neigh and equestrians in South Africa. He has also been featured in a blog published on Horsegirl TV. Also, last week Fergus was nominated in the category for “Best Talking Animal” in the Equestrian Social Media Awards forthcoming in 2013.

    As for the Museum of the Horse, Fergus has a keen interest in history, and we have plans laid out for 2013!

    …and still…new “likes” keep appearing day after day on facebook. Fergus and I have new websites: http://www.FergustheHorse.com and http://www.JeanAbernethy.com

    Again, thanks. Please stay in touch. I’ll be book-marking this website for sure!


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