FaceBook Help… and irresistable dog videos!

(Bowing my head and honoring Japan.)

When I first set up my HORSE AND MAN Facebook account, I didn’t understand how to do it properly.  Therefore, when readers wanted to ‘like’ my HORSE AND MAN page, they instead ‘liked’ ME, personally.

I mean, it is nice to have thousands of personal friends, but I really don’t think they all ‘like’ ME, I think they wanted to like HORSE AND MAN but got stuck with me instead.

So, not only is that an inconvenience for the many poor souls who only wanted to ‘like’ HORSE AND MAN but are now forced to like Me, it also doesn’t bode well for HORSE AND MAN.

You see, of the 200,000+ readers per month, HORSE AND MAN’s Facebook page only has 377 ‘likes’.  Sad, really.


So today, my only plea to you readers is to please, if you are inclined,  click this link and ‘Like’ HORSE AND MAN, the actual blog FB page.  And, I am totally OK if you then ‘unlike’ Me as your close personal friend.  I won’t mind because I’m guessing we were linked by mistake anyway when you really only wanted to ‘like’ HORSE AND MAN.

And, if you’ve never ‘liked’ either myself or HORSE AND MAN, maybe today is the day!

Here is the link to help HORSE AND MAN have the friends it wishes it had…  And, thank you!

Click the image to LIKE Horse and Man instead of me. (Why do I always think of Sally Field when I write that...?)



I am rarely a sucker for all the videos that are going around… but these two made me really giggle.  Even Hubby had a huge chortle.

1)  This is a video of a bulldog and a baby who are falling asleep at the same time while watching TV on the couch.

OMG! This video is too cute! click on image to watch!

2)  This is so like my dearly departed dog, Nadia.  She ALWAYS did this when she got in trouble.  I LOVE THIS!

So Cute! This is Denver apologizing to her owner... my dog did this too! Click image to watch!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Becky Jeffrey

    The Lab is the cutest, mine didn’t smile like that when she was bad but almost…

  2. RiderWriter

    OMG, that video of Denver the Guilty Dog is TOO funny! Laughed ’til I cried. And may I add, I think I’m in love with their owner… nice voice, nice way of treating puppies, and a nice house. :-)

  3. peg

    I like you too – and your “blog”.. I haven’t the vaugest idea how to set one up….

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