The Eclipse from my perspective – Maximum Totality – at the R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We are at R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.  FB here.  The best guest ranch for riding, eating and having a lovely, relaxed, gloriously gorgeous time.  Once you’ve been, you’ll come back as often as you can.  I promise.

OK, so first off, my iPhone didn’t quite get the images that national news people were able to capture… but I can tell you what it felt like, which was unbelievable.


We were in the 100%, total eclipse area.  Blackout.  No sun.

I’m telling you… the feelings of delight, fright, dread and awe all ran through me at once.  When the sun went away, the animal nature inside of all of us here were FREAKED OUT – except we knew what was happening, so logically, we were fine.   But inside, we were off.  It is difficult to explain, but we all felt a bit nauseous or queasy.  It was unique and unsettling – but we knew we were fine.

Imagine if you didn’t…imagine if this thing just ‘happened’ and you had no idea why.  I’m telling you that this is the stuff lore is made of.  I can totally see how the events of today would create the folklore of people.

Anyway, here is my photojournal of this amazing, once in a lifetime event!

This photo was taken by a professional on the ranch… not me.  Full Eclipse behind the R Lazy S Ranch sign.  Wow!


I think a total eclipse is one of those things that you cannot totally prepare for – in an emotional way.

Oh sure, yeah, we all had glasses and we all knew the exact time from start to finish… but none of us knew how emotional it would be.

When the sun goes away – during the day – a very complicated and eerie feeling comes over your true animal being.  We were all in awe and a bit uncomfortable.  There was no way around it… we all understood what Mother Nature and darkness could do to our planet.  In that instant, and in the bewildering and befuddling moments before, we understood how minuscule we were in this whole universe thing.  Tiny.  Specks.

If the sun went away, so would we… yet the solar system would keep right on going.

In the morning, we all went for a ride. The light was normal and it was a warm day


None of us could imagine what early man thought of all of this when it happened during their watch.

Was God angry?  Were we all going to die?

What if they looked at the sun?

From a first hand perspective, I can tell you that the whole hour was very awe striking, scary and epic.

Really, from when the light started changing – and when the birds were acting odd –  to the COLD, and then to the complete darkness.. Wow!  All of us were slightly freaked out.  We let out hoops and hollers when the sun and moon were in full eclipse because those noises just came out of us.  It was animal instinct, or so it felt.

Awesome.  Once in a lifetime.

The air was still, the birds were still, the.temperature was COLD (it dropped 25 degrees here) and the light was eerie – and then it was gone.  Darkness during the day.

And it was amazing.

They had a spread set out for us all.. Thank you R Lazy S. We had no idea how it would really be…

And then the light started changing… getting eerily dark…

This is my friend from the last photo in the blue shirt… total darkness

The sun emerging…

Awesome.  Fantastical.  Amazing.

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  1. Kathy

    You were lucky to see it! I had to watch online, and while it was still amazing to see, it lacked a certain something! Here in Florida, we only had a partial eclipse, and since I didn’t have glasses, I couldn’t even watch that. Even watching online, it was eerie. And if you didn’t understand what was happening, wow, that would be terrifying.

    Hope you’re enjoying the ranch!

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