Dontja Wish You Could Do This? Tad Griffith Roman Riding!! Wow.

THE BELOW POST WAS ONE OF MY FIRST… When I was producing my HORSE AND MAN series, I had the pleasure of shooting Tad Griffith and his wonderful mares, Black and Blue.  They have both since passed, but at the time of this video, they were both IN THEIR 30s!!!

Tad took excellent care of his girls.

I’m hoping that you enjoy revisiting this wonderful horseman who was totally enjoying himself with the mares that loved him.  Having spent so much time with them at their  home, I know those girls loved Tad and took excellent care of him.  They were bonded to each other and bonded to Tad.  It was glorious to watch…




So yesterday you got to meet, casually, the fabulous and talented movie horse trainer and trick rider, Tad Griffith. If you watched yesterday’s video, you heard Tad comment on his mares, Black and Blue.  Black and Blue are his Roman Riding mares.  They are a matched set and have been together their entire lives.  They do everything together (part of the training).  Black and Blue are featured here, today, in this Roman Riding Exhibition.

In yesterday’s post, Tad said that the horse whisperer, Sonja Fitzpatrick,  spoke to Black and Blue and these girls told her that they did everything together and their job was to keep Tad safe.  Uhhh. Understatement.

I shot this video myself…  (You Tube Version) I could feel the ROAR of the crowd as Tad entered.  It was amazing.  Utterly amazing.  And, you can see how important it is for Tad and the girls to be in sync.  It makes total sense why these ladies would do everything together.  They have to become one.  And, yes, Tad does jump back and forth between horses as well as stand on his head while they are at a full gallop.  Gulp.  Seeing all of this on video is not the same as being there.  If you ever get a chance to see trick riding or Roman riding — go.  I mean, how often does your horse do a little jig or bounce and you say, “Whooaaa Ooopsey Daisy, Hey hey Whoa there, Nellie, take it easy, WHOA!”  Ha!  There isn’t any Whoa when you are Roman Riding.  Either you is, or you isn’t…

(Did I mention that these mares are over 30 years old?  Yup.  Makes you re-think equine old age, eh?  And, it makes you doubly appreciate how well Tad cares for his horses…)

Anyway, afterward I ran out behind the scenes to film Tad as he was dismounting.  This is almost my favorite part of it all.  Tad gave them tender kisses and the girls were so proud of themselves.   They shook their bodies, licked and chewed and felt like they owned the world.  A job well done, Ladies!  I have video of that as well (click here). Very sweet. (You Tube Version)

I hope you enjoy this!  I found lots of B-roll from that day at the FIESTA OF THE SPANISH HORSE.  I will continue to make little snapshots of that day and post them for you.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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