Did you read the story last week about the Elephants who held up their stuck-in-the-mud truck while waiting for a Tow?

Most of you have probably already read about these elephants?

In case you didn’t, I wanted to highlight their amazing feat last week.

Three elephants that were riding in a large truck, departed the truck and helped keep it stabilized after the driver of their truck got it stuck on a soft shoulder.

Not only did they stabilize and hold up their truck, as it was listing on the loose embankment, they did it without a chain or hook or any type of device.  I found that amazing.

If you watch the video below, the third elephant can be seen departing the truck without any lead or chain or anything, and he/she falls immediately into line to assist in the job at hand.

How did he/she know what was needed?

How did any of them know what they needed to do to help the driver of the truck?

And, how could anyone let 3 elephants come out of their truck without any containment devices and let them hang out on the side of the road with their foreheads against a truck?  I know nothing about elephant handling… but couldn’t that have been dangerous?

I guess the driver had no choice.  And, the elephants seemed very cooperative.

And, Yes, it is sad that these are circus elephants… and I wish they weren’t in the circus.

But, I have to say that they seemed to be quite happy to step out and step up.   They didn’t seem miserable.  You’d think if they were miserable, being free near a road would be a good chance to make a break for it…

I did write to the newspaper and ask the names and ages of the elephants, but I didn’t hear back.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.56.14 PM

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I thought this article was very interesting because it had the Officer’s video attached.  It is quite fascinating… the third elephant is seen coming out of the truck, no chains or any devices, and he/she falls into line with the other elephants to help hold up the truck.


Click here to watch the video.

Click to watch the video of the last elephant coming out of the truck to help the others hold up their ride.

Click to watch the video of the last elephant coming out of the truck to help the others hold up their ride.

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  1. LaBella

    I loved the elephant story. Unfortunately most news outlets had some kind of blurb from PETA about cruelty. I wish the media would stop giving those people any kind of platform. Of course no one mentioned the elephant coming out of the truck and falling into line with no chaons or goads or anything. But if PETA did they would say oh the elephant has learned through fear and intimidation to obey and the elephant won’t dare do different.. Completely disregarding the body language that says this is a happy critter. Also completely disregarding that the zoo animal with the highest keeper kill rate in the country is the elephant.

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