COME, I’M GOING! Two Holistic Grassland Management Conferences: One big, one intimate. Learn how to revitalize your soil, help it retain water, grow more nutritional grass for your livestock, plan your acreage… Tons of information!!

You might remember how I’ve been educating myself on the Savory Institute Methods of Grassland management – revitalizing the soil, reversing desertification, water retention, growing healthy grass, land planning… and I’ve been loving it!  It is all about a healthy planet… starting with the soil.  (Did you know that Streptomycin, the antibiotic cure for tuberculosis, came from the micro organisms in soil?)

I am really, really into the holistic grasslands management part of it.  The soil, the grass, the water, the natural cycles and how to revitalize it to create healthier food and therefore healthier beings on this planet… I love all of that.  I’m not into raising animals for food, but I know many of you are and this information is tantamount for you, too!

I love this!

I love this!

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WORKSHOPS IN CALIFORNIA!  One huge and one very intimate! (no affiliation)

Now, I’m really excited to attend two workshops (one intimate and local to me and one much larger in San Francisco) and I wanted to tell you all about them because they are relatively inexpensive and accessible.

Since Savory is a Global company, it is rare that this huge conference would be here in San Francisco, CA!   I feel really lucky!

And, to have a Savory trained hub have an intimate ranch experience one-day hands-on conference in Penn Valley – is a miracle!  ;)

You can go, too!

Click here to read about the Savory Artisans of the Grasslands Conference in San Francisco!

Click here to read more about the intimate, smaller one-day conference in Penn Valley, CA!

Click image to read more.

Click image to read more.


You can make a difference even if your only soil is a potted plant on your porch.  I swear!  You don’t need acreage.  All you need is this knowledge and you can transform the land around you.

Soil is everything.

If you care about your personal environment, you will easily learn a vast array of really logical and simple protocols for your land and so many empowering techniques that you will be amazed at what you can create – just on whatever soil you have!  Even if all you have is a pot on your front porch, you can still make a difference.  If more people tended to their little plot of dirt, we could make the planet and the beings on it, much, much healthier.  The soil is the starting point.  It feeds and creates water storage for all living things.

If the way I’m saying this sounds boring, believe me, it is anything but!  I have never felt so invigorated as I did when I attended the Savory Institute.  We can all make a difference – simply and easily!

If you have never heard Allan Savory speak about desertification and grassland management, please listen to Alan Savory’s Ted Talk here.

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(Discounted for Farm Bureau members!)

I’ve been to both large conferences and the smaller conferences.  The reason I like the smaller conferences is because they are ‘hands-on’ and powerfully packed with one-on-one help and education.  Not only do you learn from holistic grasslands experts, but you actually go into the field and learn from the land!

This workshop is very inexpensive, I have taken courses with both of these trainers and they are wonderful teachers.  I highly recommend this – especially with the Farm Bureau discount.  I think you really cannot beat this information to reconnect with the soil/grass/water/planet.

Click for more information!

Click for more information!

HUGE LINEUP OF SPEAKERS for the 3-day conference in SF!

This group of speakers was really, very exciting to me.  Many of them I don’t know enough about, but several have totally impressed me.  And, they are all so passionate, I felt very empowered after absorbing all of the educational information!

Here is a quote from the event webpage:

This unprecedented event will be a venue for producers and consumers to come together and celebrate the cadre of people embracing the holistic paradigm shift in ecology, health, and diet. Join us, along with all thirty Savory Institute Hubs and everyone from gauchos, to Masai, to cowboys — all of whom are actively engaged in this movement. These artisans, who have built their livelihood on fostering an intimate relationship with the land, will commune with passionate families striving to feed their children clean, healthy food that helps rejuvenate the environment on which we all depend.

Grasslands are being healed all over the world as pastoralists of all races, genders, religions, and ages band together in a unified effort to regenerate the land and paint a brighter future for all humanity. Holistic Management practitioners use existing resources to sculpt degraded terrain and transform it into thriving working landscapes. 
A new era of food production and healthy living is upon us
We’ve seen a new awakening among people to embrace living in harmony with their environment — making healthier food choices, and staying active. As we blaze forward, our next step is to engage urbanites. As the incredible poet Wendell Berry was quoted, “Eating is an agricultural act,” and we must meet people where they are — their daily food choices.

Click here (and scroll down) to read the BIOS of each of the speakers.

Click here (and scroll down) to read the BIOS of each of the speakers.

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Click here (and scroll down) to read the BIOS of each of the speakers.

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Click image (and scroll down) to read the speaker Bios.



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    Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management is offering an ecological monitoring workshop, Monitoring for Rangeland Health: A Key to Increased Profit, on Sept 30 on a ranch at Cheney, WA near Spokane. Find more information at Some of your readers might be interested.

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