Champion Saddle Bronc Rider CODY WRIGHT lives in Milford, Utah – and we just met some of his family at dinner! AND WHAT A FAMILY INDEED!

(Unfortunately, the internet where I am right now is not very strong and I’m unable to upload many photos… which is a shame because I found many incredible images of Cody Wright and his saddle bronc riding family…)

We are traveling on our annual trip to Wyoming… and we stopped in Milford, Utah.

Milford is a sweet, tiny town.  Everyone knows everyone, so when we walked into the Grand Re-Opening of the Derailed restaurant, all heads turned.

“New in town…?”


There was about 10 seconds of “Hmmm, are we going to be welcomed here…?  But… I have to tell you, they were incredibly neighborly.  Big, warm smiles and open arms.

So, we continued in and sat up at the bar.  Immediately, the cheery and sunny bartender (Tiffani) put down coasters and offered us some “Grand Re-Opening” Cheer!

Actually, we found out that Tiffani comes by her cheeriness naturally and professionally because she coaches the cheerleaders in the town, as well as cuts hair and works here.  Very industrious.  And delightful, I must say…!

Anyway, she was very open and lovely… so I asked her about the ‘famous saddle bronc rider in town’.

This is the sign you see when you enter town


I forgot to mention that as we drove into town there was a big sign welcoming us to Milford, ‘the home of Cody Wright, 2 time World Champion Saddle Bronc rider’.


I’m not a big rodeo fan, but I do enjoy bronc riding because the horses get to do their thing and win points.  These great broncs become almost as famous as the great, tough to beat, bulls.

So while at the bar and chatting with sweet and sunny Tiffani, I asked about the sign, “Home of a famous bronc rider?”

She said, “YES!  Cody Wright.  He is a 2 time World Champion Bronc rider!  In fact, the owner’s sister is married to Cody!”

Small world.

I said, “You know Cody?”

“Sure!  Everyone knows Cody – his whole family … there are tons of kids and he has kids… his ranch is just past the hospital on the left.”

Well, whaddya know… I had to Google him.



So Cody Wright comes from a long time ranching family – and almost all of them excel at Bronc Riding!   Hard work.  They work hard and practice a lot.  In most Saddle Bronc events, you’ll find a Wright… either a brother, son or inlaw.  This family dominates.

His sons (Ryder and Rusty) and Dad all qualified for the NFR in a single year.

After researching, I found this incredibly beautiful video created by YETI about Cody and his family.  Click here to watch it.

Click image to watch this beautiful video of Cody and his family …



The internet is not strong here, but I wanted to share this link so you all can watch it.  A 89.5 point ride (really good).  At this point in his career, Cody was considered ‘old’.  Both of his sons were competing in the same division.

It is really very cool that he won this title.

Watch this short video of his amazing ride

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