We watched another CA fire ignite yesterday.  Not that we saw it personally, but the plume of black smoke was clear to all of us in neighboring towns.

It started in Santa Margarita.  A town with gorgeous oak studded rolling hills.   I was at the feed store when it erupted.  We all stood silent – watching.  A collective sigh and head shaking – prayers.

It is fire season… and here in CA, it is always earthquake season…  This morning, as I watched the increasing smoke overcast, I was moved to remind all of us what to do in case of emergency…

The very wonderful people from Bayequest.com (Bay Area Equestrian Network)  posted this pamphlet.  I won’t recreate all 27 pages here, just click this link to go to it.

*Remember to mark on your horses’ coat with cattle crayons, use an ID tag that holds like a Mane Stay or use a waterproof Sharpie to put information on their hooves.

Click image to go to pamphlet.

Click image to go to pamphlet


You may have seen this online… Santa Margarita is a beautiful part of our area – gorgeous rolling oak studded hills. This is where we saw the smoke erupting around 4pm yesterday. It blackened the sky.

It started when I was at the feed store… a plume of dark smoke billowing. By the time I got home, it looked like this.

At dusk, the cloud was blowing into San Miguel, where I live.  This is such an eerie feeling.  You know others are suffering.  The land goes silent.  It is as if all the birds, animals and insects are holding their breath.

This was this morning…taken on our driveway.


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  1. Sue Seidlitz

    Thank you for mentioning our ManeStay! You’ll see a movie on our website iceproducts.net/manestay that shows how it can be securely attached in just 3 seconds! It’s the ultimate method when faced with an eminent danger and you may be faced with evacuation or turning your horses loose. When you have advance notice (i.e. hurricane or distant wildfire), our I.C.E. UltraLite also does a great job of keeping ID on your horse 24/7. Highly visible like ManeStay, it attaches through a single mane braid–and is also a wonderful way to keep ID on your horse while riding and camping. Stay safe everyone! Be Prepared – Be Reunited!

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